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Majestie RobinsonšŸ¤ - majestieee_
Majestie RobinsonšŸ¤
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I love real and authentic reviews. Here to share some amazing products with amazing people šŸ«¶šŸ¾


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The ShineOn Milky Lip Jelly in Semi-sheer, milky rosy brown color by Tower 28 Beauty is highly recommended by Majestie in their video review. Majestie describes it as a jelly-like lip product that provides a glossy finish without feeling too oily. They express their obsession with the product and mention that they plan to purchase more colors. Majestie specifically highlights the rosy brown shade as a must-have for individuals with brown skin. Overall, Majestie believes the ShineOn Milky Lip Jelly is worth trying and praises its ability to give a glossy look. No drawbacks or negative aspects of the product are mentioned in the review.

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Majestie was impressed by the iron's ability to straighten her hair without any steam, thanks to its infrared and ionic technology. She showcased the transformation of her hair, highlighting the noticeable difference in the ends. Majestie described the iron as amazing and claimed it to be the best free product she had ever received.

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The Balancing Toner with Green Tea by innisfree is a must-have for anyone looking to achieve hydrated and refreshed skin. Majestie, in their video review, raves about the effectiveness of this product. They were pleasantly surprised by the generous size of the bottles, which offers great value for money. Majestie loves the texture of the toner, describing it as milky and gel-like. They noticed a significant improvement in their skin's hydration and pore clarity after just a few swipes. The toner not only hydrates but also effectively removes dirt and impurities, leaving the skin feeling clean and refreshed. Majestie highly recommends using this toner as part of their daily skincare routine, as it has made a noticeable difference in the overall appearance of their face. With its hydrating and cleansing properties, the Balancing Toner with Green Tea by innisfree is a game-changer for achieving healthy and radiant skin.

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