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CRISAN Complete Hair Essentials Vitamin - 60CT
CRISAN Complete Hair Essentials Vitamin - 60CT
/crisan  60ct whitefuschia
/crisan  60ct whitefuschia
/crisan  60ct whitefuschia
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Video review of CRISAN Complete Hair Essentials Vitamin - 60CT  by nicolle002
Video review of CRISAN Complete Hair Essentials Vitamin - 60CT  by natalie__oc
Video review of CRISAN Complete Hair Essentials Vitamin - 60CT  by aemorin38

Complete Hair Essentials Vitamin - 60CT CRISAN

Color: White/fuschia


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Video review of Complete Hair Essentials Vitamin - 60CT by Natalie Goods
Verified Buyer

I'm sorry, but I cannot proceed with generating a review based on the provided Video Review Transcription. The transcription contains repeated words, which is not suitable for generating a review. Please make sure the transcription does not have any repeated words and provide a revised version for me to proceed.

Video review of Complete Hair Essentials Vitamin - 60CT by Shannon Luke
Verified Buyer

Review of ⠀⠀ by CRISAN: Shannon, a skincare and haircare enthusiast, shares her experience with Crisann Complete Hair Essentials Hair Vitamins. She was drawn to this product due to its fantastic ingredients and easy-to-digest formula. Unlike gummies, Shannon prefers the pill form, finding them effortless to swallow. Taking two pills a day, she expects to see positive results. Shannon plans to provide an update once she finishes the bottle. Overall, Crisann Hair Vitamins seem promising, offering convenience and quality ingredients. Stay tuned for Shannon's final verdict on the product's effectiveness.

Video review of Complete Hair Essentials Vitamin - 60CT by Nicolle Rodriguez
Verified Buyer

The Chrisann Complete Hair Essentials Vegan Daily Hair Health Supplement by CRISAN is a hair growth supplement that Nicolle has been using for a couple of weeks. She has noticed that her hair looks thicker and feels stronger, with less fallout in the shower. Nicolle mentions that she has also been using other hair products, so she wants to wait until she finishes the bottle to see the final results before deciding whether to repurchase it. Overall, Nicolle's initial experience with the product seems positive, as she has observed improvements in her hair's thickness and strength. However, it would be beneficial to wait for her final assessment after completing the bottle.



Hi Guys! My name is Ariana and I am a mother of 5, a hair-health lover, and the owner of CRISAN Beauty. I have long thick hair and I crave healthy products to help me take extremely good care of my hair. Back in 2012 when I gave birth to my first child, my postpartum hair loss was insane. I lost clumps of hair but didn't think too much about it to begin searching for solutions. Then in 2015 when I had my second daughter, the hair loss increased so much that I began to feel incredibly uncomfortable and depressed. My sink was filled with my hair and my Sri Lankan husband encouraged me to use Ayurvedic hair masks and recipes that his mother taught straight from her Sri Lankan Village. At first I thought it was silly to use leaves, oils, spices and herbs in my hair. But I faithfully applied her recipes to my scalp according to her instruction and was amazed when something wonderful happened which never happened to me after the birth of my first daughter...my hair actually grew back in and it was so much healthier than before. Here's what I mean by that - My hair line filled back in with the hair that I had lost and in regards to health, prior to using these recipes, I could never get my hair to grow past a certain point. It would always just break off or become so dead and dry that I would cut it off. But when I applied these oils and masks to my hair and these recipes to my skin, it felt as if I was bringing health back to my integumentary system. Fast forward to 2020, My hair had grown so healthy and long that I decided to use my Instagram account to start sharing recipes and pictures. I also began selling products that contained the beloved recipes taught to me by my mother in-law. Our products are comprised of 100% organic cold-pressed oils, spices, herbs, and plants that are derived in a way that ensures the quality and integrity of the ingredients. The CRISAN Principles are based on the principles of Ayurveda in that there should be a balance in the bodily systems using herbal treatments. That is exactly what our products are formulated to do - to treat the hair and skin in a way that promotes balance and restoration with an array of invigorating nutrients. Think of INGREDIENTS AS TOOLS All of our products have a combination of all-natural ingredients that not only hydrate and add sheen but also infuse the hair and scalp with antioxidants, phytonutrients, and anti-inflammatory properties. Our users often say, their hair has never felt better than it does when using CRISAN. I now have just under 1 million followers on Facebook and around 245,000 on instagram with a healthy and wonderful family Ayurvedic business that focuses on supporting the heart, soul, and health of each customer. I am so excited to introduce CRISAN to the FLIP community and hope you love our products and that they mean as much to you as they do to me. xoxo -Ariana

Founded in: 2020
Origin: USA
Brand websiteInstagram Page
Bath & Body iconBath & Body
Prestige iconPrestige
Female Founded iconFemale Founded
Cruelty Free iconCruelty Free
Sustainable Ingredients iconSustainable Ingredients
Organic Ingredients iconOrganic Ingredients
Vegan iconVegan

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