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review of Dermaplus Skin + Body La Glace Skin Roller  by wkitterle
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Video Review of #DERMAPLUS SKIN + BODY La Glace Skin Roller by Wendy

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Reviews of La Glace Skin Roller

Review by Marielou

La Glace Skin Roller

Marielou recently reviewed the La Glace Skin Roller by Dermaplus Skin + Body, adding it to her collection of icy facial tools. She was impressed by its cooling effect, as it noticeably lowered the temperature of her skin. The roller's size was also a plus for her, as it was neither too big nor too small. The fact that it is made of stainless steel was another advantage, as it eliminated any concerns about absorbing odors from the fridge. Overall, Marielou had a positive experience with the La Glace Skin Roller and recommended it for its effectiveness and convenient size.

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