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Doctor Rogers Restore Healing Balm
Doctor Rogers Restore Healing Balm
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Video review of Doctor Rogers Restore Healing Balm  by trulymonse
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Restore Healing Balm #Doctor Rogers

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Video review of Restore Healing Balm by Aiyana Martin
Aiyana Martin
Aiyana Martin
Verified Buyer

In this video, Aiyana introduces the RESTORE Healing Balm by Doctor Rogers. This vegan, plant-based, and cruelty-free product offers versatile benefits for the skin. Aiyana highlights its ability to relieve dry and sensitive skin, chapped lips, cuts and scrapes, surgery wounds, and even diaper rash for babies. The inclusion of castor oil, known for its hydrating properties, makes it suitable for all skin types. Aiyana highly recommends this product, emphasizing its effectiveness in protecting and healing the skin. Overall, the RESTORE Healing Balm by Doctor Rogers proves to be a versatile and reliable solution for various skin concerns.

About Doctor Rogers

About Doctor Rogers

The Story of Doctor Rogers Restore By Founder & CEO, DR. Heather D. Rogers 15 years ago, when I began as a dermatologist, I noticed reactions to the ointments doctors recommended to help heal skin like Aquaphor, Neosporin and triple antibiotic ointments. I sourced the market for something I could recommend as safe and effective for inflamed, irritated or healing skin. When I couldn't find it I decided to make it. After 3 years of developing my formula, I knew I had something special but it took 100s of phone calls to find a manufacturer in the US who would accommodate my selective ingredients and packaging requirements. I then made tens of thousands of Healing Balms and had them delivered to my house with no idea of how I was going to break into the beauty industry. Luckily a beauty veteran, Michelle Olsen, tried the Healing Balm, fell in love, and agreed to help. Together, with a small but mighty team, we created a line of elevated everyday essentials formulated to provide our skin what it needs to be and stay healthy and beautiful, in sustainable packaging. Demand continues to grow and Doctor Rogers RESTORE is now stocked at major retailers, has won multiple awards and has been featured in every major beauty and lifestyle magazine. Dr. Heather D. Rogers Founder & CEO

Founded in: 2015
Origin: United States
Instagram Page
Female Founded iconFemale Founded
Clean Ingredients iconClean Ingredients
Made in the US iconMade in the US
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