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dpHUE Color Fresh Shampoo
dpHUE Color Fresh Shampoo
/dphue color fresh shampoo os white
/dphue color fresh shampoo os white
/dphue color fresh shampoo os white
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Video review of dpHUE Color Fresh Shampoo  by theskinmillennial
Video review of dpHUE Color Fresh Shampoo  by daylasdoseofmakeup
Video review of dpHUE Color Fresh Shampoo  by nytginger

Color Fresh Shampoo #dpHUE

Color: White


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Video review of Color Fresh Shampoo by Dayla Murphy
Verified Buyer

Hey guys! Dayla here with a sneak peek of the Color Fresh Shampoo by dpHUE. In her video review, Dayla mentions receiving this product in her flip box and plans to do an unboxing soon. She's excited about the hair care and makeup items she received. Stay tuned for her upcoming video where she'll share her thoughts on this shampoo. Overall, Dayla's enthusiasm suggests that she's looking forward to trying out the Color Fresh Shampoo and believes it's a worthy addition to her hair care routine.

Video review of Color Fresh Shampoo by Ka S Sisco
Ka S
Ka S
Verified Buyer

Ka's video review of the Color Fresh Shampoo by dpHUE showcases the impressive results of using this product. Ka starts by mentioning that their hair is naturally curly, but after using the shampoo and conditioner, their hair feels soft, shiny, and silky. They are able to run their fingers through it effortlessly. Ka also appreciates the clean formula of the product and its ability to protect against UV rays, which is especially important during the summer months. They mention that the shampoo and conditioner combination helps to combat frizz, and they recommend checking out their other videos for more information on a product specifically designed for frizzy hair. Overall, Ka is loving the Color Fresh Shampoo and considers it a winner.

About dpHUE

About dpHUE

dpHUE is the first and only hair care brand dedicated to hair color looking its best between salon visits. Founded by Donna Pohlad, an entrepreneur and color enthusiast, and Justin Anderson, one of Hollywood’s most sought after celebrity colorists, dpHUE’s range of color maintenance solutions and hair care products will empower you to protect, maintain, treat and touch-up your color in between salon appointments so you can keep your color fresh and vibrant from the moment you walk out of the salon until your next appointment. dpHUE. Fresh Color Between Salon Visits.

Founded in: 2010
Origin: United States
Instagram Page
Female Founded iconFemale Founded
Prestige iconPrestige
Hair Care iconHair Care

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