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ATHR Beauty The Big Bang Mascara
ATHR Beauty The Big Bang Mascara
/athr beauty the big bang mascara os black
/athr beauty the big bang mascara os black
/athr beauty the big bang mascara os black
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Video review of ATHR Beauty The Big Bang Mascara  by carliebrickley
Video review of ATHR Beauty The Big Bang Mascara  by 6563d49b2fc0ee6ce253853b
Video review of ATHR Beauty The Big Bang Mascara  by 6580745a8497b4eb40585bdf

The Big Bang Mascara #ATHR Beauty

Color: Black


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Video review of The Big Bang Mascara by Taylor Herrera
Verified Buyer

Am constantly searching for the best mascara on this planet. So today we're gonna see if that is this one. This is the Big Bang Mascara by ATHR Beauty. The wand is volumizing and it's definitely not clumpy, which is a plus. It gives a lot of volume and a fanned out look. Overall, Taylor loves this mascara for its volumizing effect and the fanned out look it gives. It's a great option for those looking for a mascara that adds volume without clumping.

Video review of The Big Bang Mascara by Michele Chung
Michele Chung
Michele Chung
Verified Buyer

The Big Bang Mascara by ATHR Beauty is a clean beauty mascara that comes with a biodegradable brush. Michele, the reviewer, found the brush to be large and fluffy compared to her other mascaras. She mentioned that while applying the mascara, it seemed more suitable for a natural look. However, she also noted that the shape of her eye made it difficult to reach all the grooves. Overall, Michele wasn't a huge fan of this mascara as it gave her a more natural look, which she didn't prefer. Additionally, the brush didn't work well with her eye shape. Despite these drawbacks, the Big Bang Mascara offers a clean beauty option with a biodegradable brush, making it an environmentally conscious choice for those seeking a more natural look.

About ATHR Beauty

About ATHR Beauty

Founded in 2018 by Tiila Abbitt, a passionate, highly creative product development professional with 11+ years' experience- including the international prestige beauty industry. Tiila has a BFA in sculpture and an MFA in fashion design. She worked in the fashion industry for over 5 years before transitioning to beauty. She is highly passionate for the sustainable beauty product realm. Tiila spent 7 years at Sephora in charge of product development for makeup collaborations and accessories. Her obsession with sustainability lead her to become the lead R+D for sustainable materials while also being on the sustainability leadership council for the retailer. Being a global brand, Tiila quickly learned that in the USA, there are only 11 banned chemicals in color cosmetics while in the European Union, there are over 1300. Because of this, she learned how to formulate color cosmetics with a very large chemical ban list and how to substitute for cleaner alternatives. Tiila has had a long tenure passion for the organic product realm and has been a vegetarian for over 24 years, and also incorporating a plant based diet. Always bringing natural, organic alternatives into her everyday (including learning how to cook organic food at an organic restaurant while in college) she started to look at natural makeup formulation and just found that none of the offerings could truly compete with the efficacy of conventional beauty. The space lacked choice of color and trend, as well as truly sustainable packaging. Plastic makeup componentry is a huge source of pollution globally and Tiila really wanted to create a brand that was ethically-sustainable, beyond the formulation, but in everything that Āthr Beauty creates. Tiila is aware of the eco footprint we have in everything we do and as a founder, wants to bring sustainability into every decision at Āthr Beauty. That's why she won't launch a product until there's a better sustainable alternative. And when you purchase Āthr Beauty products a portion of sales goes to environmental charities, because giving back and being sustainable is the only way to ensure we leave this planet better than we found it. Good for you + good for your skin + good for the planet #goodvibesbeauty

Founded in: 2018
Origin: United States
Instagram Page
Female Founded iconFemale Founded
Ethically Produced iconEthically Produced
Sustainable iconSustainable
Clean Ingredients iconClean Ingredients
Made in the US iconMade in the US
Gives Back iconGives Back
Prestige iconPrestige
Makeup iconMakeup

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