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Hero Hero Mighty Patch - 36CT
Hero Hero Mighty Patch - 36CT
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Hero Mighty Patch - 36CT #Hero

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About Hero

About Hero

Hero began in 2017 when I had yet another pimple emergency, but my sensitive skin had reached a breaking point with the harsh acids of the world. So I went looking, and found my issue wasn’t just my issue – a lot of people felt just the same. Why wasn’t there a solution that worked with the skin, not against it? The stripping, the purging, the resurfacing, the ‘wait two weeks’ before the redness goes away. There had to be a better alternative. And so Mighty Patch was born. A gentle hydrocolloid patch I originally found in South Korea, that works with the skin to minimize pimples without stripping or agitating them. Just a patch, and time. Mighty Patch may have started the conversation, but we had so much to do from there. Acne, rosacea, and dark spots aren’t going away – but the stigma around how we talk about them, and most importantly how we treat them, can. So we set out to do just that. Now we’re here, 30+ products later, all created to treat, prevent, and repair – born out of the idea that got us started: gentle, effective solutions that give the power back to you and your skin. You’re already the hero of your own skin, we’re just here to help you reveal it.

Founded in: 2017
Origin: South Korea
Brand websiteInstagram Page

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