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IBY Beauty Eyeshadow Palette
IBY Beauty Eyeshadow Palette
/iby beauty eyeshadow palette os carry on face palette
/iby beauty eyeshadow palette os carry on face palette
/iby beauty eyeshadow palette os carry on face palette
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Video review of IBY Beauty Eyeshadow Palette  by akglascock
Video review of IBY Beauty Eyeshadow Palette  by foster.essence
Video review of IBY Beauty Eyeshadow Palette  by createdbyjen.ugc

Eyeshadow Palette #IBY Beauty

Color: Carry on face palette


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Video review of Eyeshadow Palette by Bri Jackson
Bri Jackson
Bri Jackson
Verified Buyer

Based on Bri's review, the Eyeshadow Palette by IBY Beauty seems to be a versatile and high-quality product. Its inclusion of blush and eyeshadow shades makes it a convenient option for creating various looks. The blendability of the colors is a standout feature, allowing for seamless application and effortless blending. However, it's important to note that the review does not mention any potential drawbacks or limitations of the palette. Nonetheless, Bri's positive experience and her enthusiasm for the product make it a promising choice for anyone looking to enhance their eye makeup collection.

Video review of Eyeshadow Palette by Essence Foster
Verified Buyer

Essence, in her video review of the Eyeshadow Palette by IBY Beauty, shares her positive experience with the product. She mentions that the palette comes with a variety of shades, including Travel Paneur and Keep Calm, which she used to create her look. Essence praises the cute and easy-to-use packaging, emphasizing that the application process was effortless. She showcases the final look, describing it as simple and cute, perfect for her as a single mom who still wants to look good. Essence concludes by stating that she would definitely repurchase this palette. Overall, her review highlights the palette's versatility, user-friendly packaging, and ability to create a subtle yet attractive look.

About IBY Beauty

About IBY Beauty

IBY Beauty (pronounced I.B.Y.) is a lifestyle cosmetic brand created in sunny Los Angeles, CA. Here at IBY, we take inspiration from you, beauty fans who love to create, explore, and live life colorfully. A small diverse team of beauty lovers ourselves, we believe in a community built by kindness, confidence and the power of makeup. We encourage self-expression and believe in redefining beauty standards with cruelty-free products that won’t break the bank. We are eager to learn more about you, and create beautiful things together. #inspiredbyyou

Founded in: 2016
Origin: USA
Instagram Page
Makeup iconMakeup
Budget Friendly iconBudget Friendly
Female Founded iconFemale Founded
BIPOC Founded iconBIPOC Founded
Cruelty Free iconCruelty Free

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