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Inkbox Freehand Tattoo Marker Artist Kit
Inkbox Freehand Tattoo Marker Artist Kit
/inkbox freehand tattoo marker artist kit os black
/inkbox freehand tattoo marker artist kit os black
/inkbox freehand tattoo marker artist kit os black
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Video review of Inkbox Freehand Tattoo Marker Artist Kit  by aleana
Video review of Inkbox Freehand Tattoo Marker Artist Kit  by iibubblii
Video review of Inkbox Freehand Tattoo Marker Artist Kit  by pattipan

Freehand Tattoo Marker Artist Kit #Inkbox

Color: Black


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Video review of Freehand Tattoo Marker Artist Kit by Jen Luu
Verified Buyer

Jen demonstrates the process of using the kit, starting with tracing the desired design onto the skin using the tracing paper and pen. The stencil cream is then applied, followed by the placement of the tracing paper on top for 10 seconds. Afterward, the tattoo marker is used to trace the design onto the skin, and a development patch is applied for an hour.

About Inkbox

About Inkbox

Helping you express you: At Inkbox, we support and celebrate the story of you—for now, forever, and whatever’s in-between. Our ink develops in your skin to create a tattoo that fades in 1-2 weeks. Basically, they’re tattoos that change with you. We know how important self-expression is. No matter who you are—whether you’re a man, a womxn, or an enby; Black, white, or brown; hurting or healing—we’re here to ensure that you have the tools you need to express yourself…even if that ‘self’ changes. We live and breathe artistic expression. From icons whose work you've seen before, to underdogs who are just getting started, we celebrate the wonderful, weird, and woke artists who design tattoos for us. Back to the beginning: Brothers Tyler and Braden Handley founded Inkbox back in February 2015. Like so many other twentysomethings, they were thinking about getting tattoos but weren’t totally sure what they wanted. Their styles, tastes, and opinions were constantly changing. They wished there was a tattoo that could change with them. After countless long nights of research and several (failed) science experiments in the kitchen of their tiny apartment, they learned about something that sounded promising: a fruit grown in the forests of Panama. Locals were already using it to dye their skin! So they packed their bags and hopped on a plane to meet with the Darién Initiative, an organization that worked with the indigenous people of Panama’s Darién Gap. With the help of this initiative—and the incredible tribes within the region—the Handley brothers tested the fruit-derived ink that would eventually evolve into our For Now Ink™. We no longer use the fruit in our ink’s formula, but while we did, the Darién Initiative ensured we were harvesting it sustainably and giving back to their community in meaningful ways. Fast forward to today. A patented tattoo technology. A team of over 100 employees in Toronto, Canada. More than a million tattoos shipped to customers in over 167 countries around the world. We know that every tattoo we ship out tells a story, and we’re so grateful that we can help support and celebrate the story of you.

Founded in: 2015
Origin: United States
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