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Hot Fluff Matte Multistick
Hot Fluff Matte Multistick
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Hot Fluff Matte Multistick #Jason Wu Beauty

Color: Biscotti


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Reviews of Hot Fluff Matte Multistick

Review by Shayla Mitchell

Shayla, a beauty reviewer, shares her thoughts on the Hot Fluff Matte Multistick by Jason Wu Beauty in a video review. She expresses her excitement about the nude shades and matte finish of the lipstick. Shayla applies the shade "biscotti," which she finds to be a light nude color that she loves. She adds a nourishing clear lip gloss on top for a glossy look. Shayla is impressed with the lipstick, giving it a perfect score of 10 out of 10. She expresses her eagerness to try out all the other shades. Overall, the Hot Fluff Matte Multistick by Jason Wu Beauty receives high praise for its nude shades and matte formula.

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  • matte finish
  • nourishing clear lip gloss
  • variety of shades

Review by Carla

Hot Fluff Matte Multistick

Carla received her Flip box and decided to try out the Hot Fluff Matte Multistick by Jason Wu Beauty. She paired it with the Jason Wu lipstick in biscotti and the liner in still. Carla loved the shade of the lipstick and found the liner to be a perfect match. The multistick provided a matte finish, which she appreciated. Overall, Carla seemed satisfied with the product combination and mentioned that it looked good on her. However, she did not provide any specific drawbacks or negative aspects of the Hot Fluff Matte Multistick. Based on Carla's review, it can be concluded that the product is a good choice for those looking for a matte multistick with complementary lipstick and liner options.

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Review by Mia

Hot Fluff Matte Multistick

The Hot Fluff Matte Multistick by Jason Wu Beauty is a versatile cosmetic product that can be used on the lips, eyes, and cheeks. Mia, the reviewer, is wearing the shades Luminous and Biscotti, which she describes as beautiful nude colors. She praises the creamy texture of the product and highlights the inclusion of jojoba oil, which adds to its moisturizing properties. Mia also mentions that the product does not require much pressure during application. She promises to showcase a tutorial on how to use the multistick in different ways. Overall, the Hot Fluff Matte Multistick seems to be a promising product with its versatility and creamy formula.

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Review by Taylor

Hot Fluff Matte Multistick

Taylor tried two shades of the Hot Fluff Matte Multistick by Jason Wu Beauty, namely Cannoli and Biscotti. They found that Biscotti suited their skin tone the best, describing it as the perfect nude shade. Taylor also mentioned that the lipsticks were highly moisturizing and did not leave their lips feeling dry or chalky. Overall, the Hot Fluff Matte Multistick seems to be a great product, providing a comfortable and hydrating formula. However, it would be helpful to know more about the longevity and pigmentation of the product to fully assess its performance.

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About Jason Wu Beauty

About Jason Wu Beauty

Jason Wu Beauty was created out of my creativity and love for beauty. It was meant to make everyone feel gorgeous in their own skin, eliminate the need to mask yourself in so much product, and reject the exclusivity of upscale businesses. As an extension of my couture fashion brand, I wanted this collection to be feminine, elegant, and luxurious, but accessible and affordable to anyone. My brand’s goal is to let your natural beauty speak for itself while adding just a little extra charm. And we hope to bring this simplistic yet alluring beauty as a completely guilt free indulgence. With formulas free of harmful chemicals, JWB can help you achieve an enviable soft glam effect that’s natural but not ordinary, effortless but not careless, luxurious and influential but not excessive.

Founded in: 2021
Origin: United States
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