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LAMEL Insta Eyeshadows Base
LAMEL Insta Eyeshadows Base
/lamel insta eyeshadows base os natural
/lamel insta eyeshadows base os natural
/lamel insta eyeshadows base os natural
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Video review of LAMEL Insta Eyeshadows Base  by zenpadservices
Video review of LAMEL Insta Eyeshadows Base  by connect.makeupfres
Video review of LAMEL Insta Eyeshadows Base  by zenpadservices

Insta Eyeshadows Base #LAMEL

Color: Natural


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Video review of Insta Eyeshadows Base by makeup fresh
Verified Buyer

The Insta Eyeshadows Base by LAMEL is a game-changer, according to makeup's video review. This eye primer stands out from the rest as it doesn't dry out the skin like most others do. Applying it is a breeze, thanks to its smooth texture and neutral base color. The real magic happens when you see how well it allows eyeshadow to go on and stay put all day long. Not only does it enhance the colors and make them pop, but it also prevents any creasing throughout the day. makeup highly recommends this eyeshadow base for anyone in search of a top-notch product.

Video review of Insta Eyeshadows Base by Jessica Shoop
Verified Buyer

Jessica is highly impressed with the Insta Eyeshadows Base by LAMEL. She mentions that she has tried other products from LAMEL and has liked them all. The eyeshadow base comes with an applicator tip, which she finds convenient to use. Jessica does a swatch test on her arm and is amazed by the pigmentation of the eyeshadow when applied on top of the primer. She also compares the result without using the primer and notices that the eyeshadow doesn't show up as well. Overall, Jessica is pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Insta Eyeshadows Base by LAMEL and believes that the brand is doing a great job.



Lamel is a beauty brand committed to providing innovative and affordable makeup products for everyone. Our brand's mission is to strengthen, inspire, motivate, and empower people through creating products, conditions, and environments that encourage them to act and make the things they desire. LAMEL was founded in 2012. It was created with a focus on self-expression, bringing inspiration, courage, and creativity. Our products are cruelty-free and vegan. We use a variety of textures and expressive designs that follow current trends, including multifunctionality and natural makeup. Our makeup is inspired by our customers, and we aim to create products that empower them to express their unique style. Join the Lamel community and discover a new level of makeup excellence!

Founded in: 2012
Origin: USA
Brand websiteInstagram Page
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