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review of Olaplex Lashbond  by gdipalo
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Video Review of #OLAPLEX Lashbond by Gina

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Reviews of Olaplex Lashbond White

Review by Perri


Look what just snuck on to Flip. Today will be Perri's first day using Lashbond by Olaplex, and based on the results, they are really excited. This lash serum is designed to give healthier lashes in two weeks and fuller, thicker lashes in four weeks. Unlike other serums, Lashbond doesn't irritate the eyes and has a six-month shelf life. It's safe for people with lash lifts and extensions. With its peptide building complex, Lashbond helps to prolong the natural lash cycle, allowing lashes to grow healthier and longer. Overall, Perri is impressed with the potential of Lashbond and is looking forward to seeing the results.

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