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Gina DiPalo
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In the review, Gina tested out the Satin Pillow Rollers 6pc Set by KITSCH. Initially, Gina found the rollers difficult to use, but eventually got the hang of it. Gina was pleased with the product and gave it a good score. Gina recommended the product, but wanted to wait until the morning to see if any of the rollers fell out and how the curls turned out. Gina gave a 360 view of the product and said they would let everyone know in the morning how the product worked.

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The Blighlighter - The Pink One in Pink color by Jamie Makeup is a versatile cosmetic product that combines the benefits of a blush and a highlighter. According to Gina's video review, the product leans more towards a blush than a shimmering highlight. However, she mentions that it provides a beautiful and intense highlight when applied with a dense brush or fingers. Gina also praises the product's easy blendability and application. Overall, she highly recommends the Blighlighter, especially since it is currently on sale. While the video review does not mention any drawbacks, it is important to note that individuals seeking a more pronounced shimmer may find this product lacking.

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Gina recently reviewed the Luminizer x Quad by RMS Beauty in a video for Flip. She was excited to try the highlighters, as they are known for their natural glow and ability to melt into the skin. Despite the product appearing a bit oily upon arrival, Gina found the shades to be creamy and beautiful. The quad includes four different shades, ranging from darker to lighter tones. Overall, the Luminizer x Quad impressed Gina with its creamy texture and natural glow. However, it is worth noting that the product may appear oily upon delivery.

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