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Sadia Mansoor - sadiaslayy_
Sadia Mansoor
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Review by Sadia Mansoor

Huestick in Grounded

Sadia reviewed the Huestick in Grounded by Live Tinted and found it to be a great product for on-the-go. Sadia found the color to be perfect for their skin tone and found it to be a great product for contouring their eyes, cheeks, nose, and lips. Sadia gave the product a 10/10 rating and said they would wear it daily.

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Review by Sadia Mansoor

Cheeky Stamp Blush

The Cheeky Stamp Blush in Saucy color by KAJA is a highly anticipated product that has gained popularity on the internet. Sadia, the reviewer, expresses her excitement to finally try it. The blush comes in a heart-shaped stamp, which Sadia finds adorable. Although she admits her stamping abilities are not great, she manages to apply the product successfully. Sadia appreciates the pleasant smell of the blush, emphasizing the importance of a good scent for a product that goes on the face. Overall, Sadia rates the Cheeky Stamp Blush a perfect 10 out of 10, describing it as beautiful and blended well. This review highlights the product's unique stamp application, pleasant scent, and excellent performance.

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Review by Sadia Mansoor

Catching Feelings Duo

The Dose of Colors Catching Feelings Lip Kit in the soft brown shade is put to the test by Sadia in her video review. She loves to over line her lips without it looking fake, and she wants to see if this lip kit can deliver. The kit includes a lip liner and a velvet mousse lipstick. Sadia starts by over lining her lips, noting that the color is slightly lighter than her natural lips. She reserves judgment until she applies the lipstick. After trying it out, Sadia rates the product a perfect 10 out of 10. She appreciates the pleasant scent, the smooth consistency, and the hydrating formula that doesn't crack later. However, she mentions that the color is not suitable for her and suggests going a shade darker. Overall, Sadia is impressed with the product's performance and gives it a glowing review.

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