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Mayra Alejandra - alexaosje.maoo
Mayra Alejandra
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Video review of Cleansing Oil by Mayra Alejandra
Verified Buyer

Mayra, in her video review, discusses the benefits of the Cleansing Oil by Karuna Skin. She mentions that it contains prickly pear and mulberry, which she finds effective for her night routine. Mayra explains that the oil is easy to use - simply apply it to the face, rub it off, and wash it with water before using a cleanser. She emphasizes that the product helps to remove the build-up from the day, leaving the skin refreshed. Mayra also recommends the quenching mask and the lightweight eye cream from the same brand, as they provide hydration without weighing down the skin. Overall, Mayra is pleased with the Cleansing Oil by Karuna Skin, except for one minor drawback that she doesn't specify.

Video review of Moringa Oil Face Oil by Mayra Alejandra
Verified Buyer

Mayra, in her video review, discusses the Moringa Oil Face Oil by SEA EL SKINCARE. She mentions that she bought it for her mother, who lives in a desert and has dry skin. However, her mother preferred the bee oil from the ordinary over the moringa oil because the latter was too tacky and thick. Mayra suggests that the moringa oil is better for absorption and recommends using the bee oil for dry spots at night. She also advises being cautious about using the oil under the sun. Overall, Mayra's review highlights that the Moringa Oil Face Oil may not be suitable for everyone due to its texture, but it can be beneficial for absorption and addressing dry spots.

Video review of Mini Dog Travel Bottle by Mayra Alejandra
Verified Buyer

Overall, the Mini Dog Travel Bottle bySpringer seems to be a reliable and practical product for dog owners on the go. Its ability to provide water efficiently and without wastage makes it a valuable tool, particularly during hot weather. Mayra's positive experience with the bottle and her dogs' enjoyment of it further highlight its effectiveness. With its user-friendly design, this travel bottle appears to be a great addition to any dog owner's essentials.

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