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Rain Shukla
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Overall, the IGK Permanent Color Kit in Smoky scarlet color by IGK Hair seems to be a reliable choice for those seeking a vibrant and long-lasting hair color. The product effectively covers grays and delivers the desired shade, as demonstrated by Rain's positive experience. Additionally, the formula appears to nourish the hair, leaving it feeling healthy and lustrous.

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Rain, a reviewer, shares their experience with the IGK Permanent Color Kit in Smoky scarlet color by IGK Hair. They mention that it is their second time using this hair color and although the color shows up on their hair, their grays are still visible. However, they love the color and appreciate that the kit includes everything needed for the process. The gloves provided are of good quality and there is no harsh chemical smell or burning sensation on the scalp. The consistency of the hair color is thicker, but the nozzle tends to clog. To apply the color, a bowl and brush are required. Rain finds the hair color easy to use and mentions that it covers their grays effectively after washing. They also note that the color looks more vibrant compared to their first use. Overall, Rain seems satisfied with the product and encourages viewers to watch part 2 for the final result.

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Rain mentions that the scrub has a thick consistency, which allows for easy application. When massaged in circular motions, it effectively exfoliates the scalp, removing any buildup and impurities. The best part is that it rinses out effortlessly, leaving no residue behind. Rain follows up with shampoo, and the result is clean and soft hair.

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