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Christy Middlebrooks - christym87
Christy Middlebrooks
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36 years young. mom of 1. makeup & all things beauty related OBSESSED. normal is boring.✌🏼


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Review by Christy

Veil Translucent Setting Powder

The Veil Translucent Setting Powder by Hourglass is highly recommended by Christy, who praises its ability to address common skin concerns such as large pores, texture, and greasiness. Christy describes the powder as unnoticeable, soft, and with no flashback, providing a smooth and blurring effect on the skin. She demonstrates the powder's effectiveness by comparing one side of her face with the powder applied and the other without. The difference in pore size is noticeable, leading Christy to conclude that she has never found a translucent powder that smooths the skin as well as this one. While acknowledging its expense, Christy believes the product is worth the investment.

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Review by Christy

Thailor Bronzer

The Thailor Bronzer by KimChi Chic Beauty Void 2 is praised for its adorable packaging and pigmented formula. Christy mentions that the bronzer is warm-toned, not cool-toned, and blends easily. She recommends using a less dense brush to avoid applying too much product, as the bronzer is highly pigmented. The bronzer is described as smooth and easy to apply, providing a natural, warm glow. Christy also mentions that the formula is great and highlights the cute packaging as an added bonus. Overall, the Thailor Bronzer by KimChi Chic Beauty Void 2 receives positive feedback for its performance and aesthetic appeal.

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Review by Christy

Glow Stick Lip Oil

The Glow Stick Lip Oil in Rosy glow color by Pacifica has left Christy obsessed with its moisturizing formula and natural-looking hint of color. The product, which comes in stick form, provides a hydrating experience that leaves lips feeling nourished. Christy describes it as a "your lips but better" option, enhancing their natural appearance. The convenience of the stick format makes it easy to apply on the go. While the review does not mention any drawbacks, it is important to note that individual experiences may vary. Overall, the Pacifica Glow Stick Lip Oil in Rosy glow color seems to be a highly moisturizing and subtly enhancing lip product.

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