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Jen recently tried the FAB BROWS DUO STENCIL EYEBROW KIT in Dark brown-chocolate color by Fab Brows. She found the powder and stencil to be fantastic for achieving a well-shaped brow. Although she felt the color was too dark for her hair, she praised the kit for its ease of use, mentioning that it was quicker than her usual dip brow routine. Jen plans to pass it on to her sister with brunette hair, as she believes it will suit her better. Overall, the FAB BROWS DUO STENCIL EYEBROW KIT offers a convenient and efficient solution for achieving great brows, with the only potential drawback being the limited color range.

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Review by Jen Tobe

Natural Moisturizing Facrots for Scalp

The Natural Moisturizing Factors for Scalp by The Ordinary is a must-have serum for the winter months, according to Jen's video review. She emphasizes its ability to keep hair hydrated and healthy, even in the dry winter weather. Jen demonstrates how she applies the serum directly to her scalp, using a scalp massager to ensure it is thoroughly absorbed. She also mentions putting her hair in a protective hairstyle at night to further enhance the serum's effects. Overall, Jen highly recommends trying out The Ordinary Hair Care, as it has helped her revive her damaged and dehydrated hair.

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Review by Jen Tobe


Overall, the GLAD GLOW FOUNDATION in C0lively linda color by SUREBASE seems to be a promising product. Its ability to match Jen's pale complexion and effectively cover her acne spots without additional concealer is commendable. The foundation's lightweight and moisturizing formula adds to its appeal, making it comfortable to wear. While Jen acknowledges that it may have made her appear slightly paler, she believes it will work well as her skin tone naturally lightens during the winter. Based on Jen's review, this foundation appears to be a reliable choice for those seeking good coverage and a lightweight feel.

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