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Rae Dang - creator.raedang
Rae Dang
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Sharing products for my new home 🤍 PR/Collaborations: creator.raedang@gmail.com


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Not me making mojitos in whiskey glasses. Rae recommends using the Sveres Jumbo Ice Ball Tray by the Whiskey Ball by The Whiskey Ball to create the perfect ice for your drinks. The tray allows you to make large ice balls that melt slowly, ensuring your drink stays cold without diluting the flavor. Rae suggests using the ice balls in a refreshing mojito recipe, which includes lime juice, sparkling water, white rum, mint leaves, and simple syrup. The tray is easy to use and the ice balls can be customized to your liking. Overall, the Sveres Jumbo Ice Ball Tray is a great addition to any home bar, providing a unique and practical way to elevate your drink experience.

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The Saturn RGB Table Lamp by Brightech offers impressive customization options, as highlighted by Rae in their video review. With the ability to adjust brightness by adding or removing rings, users can easily achieve their desired lighting level. The lamp also features three color modes, including RGB, which cycles through the entire color spectrum. For those who prefer a single color, simply remove and reattach the ring. Additionally, the lamp allows for syncing both colors to the same one by pressing the top. Rae personally enjoys keeping both colors at white. Overall, the Saturn RGB Table Lamp provides versatility and convenience, allowing users to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

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