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No matter where you sweat we can help. Better Science fNo matter where you sweat we can help. Better Science for Sweat.


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Carpe's Antiperspirant Underarm Stick in Rose water color is a game changer when it comes to stopping sweat. According to MyCarpe, this product is highly effective in keeping sweat at bay, not just on the underarms but all over the body. MyCarpe mentioned that they no longer have to deal with clamMyCarpe hands and can confidently wear flip flops. The underarm lotion has become a holy grail for MyCarpe, as it keeps their hands dry and allows them to stay focused during workouts. MyCarpe also emphasized that Carpe is the only product that has worked for them, highlighting its effectiveness. With regular use, this antiperspirant has truly transformed the way MyCarpe sweats, providing a worry-free experience. Overall, Carpe's Antiperspirant Underarm Stick in Rose water color receives high praise for its sweat-stopping abilities, making it a must-have for anyone looking to stay dry and confident throughout the day.

Video review of  by MyCarpe MyCarpe
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The reviewer, MyCarpe, is highly enthusiastic about Carpe's Antiperspirant Underarm Stick in Sandalwood color. They express their obsession with the scent, describing it as woodsy yet sweet. MyCarpe also highlights the effectiveness of Carpe's scented antiperspirants in controlling sweat. They go on to mention other scent options like Lavender Citrus, Mountain Breeze, Rosewater, and Vanilla, but ultimately declare Sandalwood as their favorite. MyCarpe encourages viewers to click the link below and use Carpe's scent bundle builder for a 20% discount. Overall, the review is positive, emphasizing the pleasant scent and sweat-reducing properties of the product.

Video review of  by MyCarpe MyCarpe
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MyCarpe, a reviewer, shared their experience with the Underarm Antiperspirant Wipes by Carpe. They were impressed by the effectiveness of the product in combating sweaty and clamMyCarpe hands. By applying just a pea-sized amount, they found relief from excessive sweating throughout the day. The reviewer even replaced their deodorant with Carpe, highlighting its ability to stop armpit sweat. They appreciated the attention to detail, as the wipes worked well on various body parts, including the face and thighs. The product proved especially useful during pregnancy and in hot weather, preventing sweat and pit stains. Carpe also helped keep the reviewer's hair and skin dry. They expressed genuine satisfaction with the product and encouraged others to try it. Overall, Carpe Underarm Antiperspirant Wipes received high praise for its effectiveness and versatility.

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