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Dawnie R Auron  -Butt - dawniedawn
Dawnie R Auron -Butt
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💗dance health&fitness skin care makeup fashion beach S/C & jus being a silly girl 👑 ✡️


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Dawnie recently reviewed Huestick's 3-in-1 product in the color Free. They found that it was great for adding a subtle color to the cheeks and eyes, and was especially amazing for the lips. It stayed on without needing a lip liner or concealer, and had good skincare properties. Dawnie recommends this product for all skin tones and encourages others to go get it.

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Dawnie received a pack of Bamboo Cotton Buds 200ct by Zero Waste Club and was excited to try them out. Although she hadn't used them yet, she mentioned that they were affordable and came in a pack of 200. She expressed her intention to report back on their performance. Based on Dawnie's initial impression, the Bamboo Cotton Buds seem to offer good value for money. However, without further information on their performance, it is difficult to assess their overall quality. Potential benefits of the product include its eco-friendly bamboo material, while potential drawbacks are unknown. Overall, it seems like a promising product for those looking for sustainable alternatives to traditional cotton buds.

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The Bamboo Cotton Buds 200ct by Zero Waste Club, as reviewed by Dawnie, are highly recommended for bathroom use. Dawnie loves everything about these q-tips, from the packaging to their versatility. The bamboo cotton buds are described as multi-use, making them a great addition to any bathroom routine. The reviewer's positive experience with the product suggests that it is of high quality and performs well. However, since no drawbacks are mentioned, it is difficult to assess any potential downsides. Overall, the Bamboo Cotton Buds 200ct by Zero Waste Club seem to be a great eco-friendly option for those looking to reduce waste in their daily routines.

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