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Emily Higgins - emilyhiggins_nyc
Emily Higgins
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skincare and beauty enthusiast and content creator in NYC!


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Emily tried out the Lip Injection Maximum Plump Lip Plumper by Too Faced and shared her experience in a video review. She showed her lips before using the product and after five minutes, mentioning that she started to feel a burning sensation. The final result was not explicitly described, leaving it open for interpretation. Overall, the review suggests that the lip plumper delivers a noticeable effect, as indicated by the burning sensation experienced by Emily. However, the potential drawback of this product could be the discomfort caused by the burning sensation. Despite this, the Lip Injection Maximum Plump Lip Plumper by Too Faced seems to provide a plumping effect, which could be appealing to those seeking fuller lips.

Video review of  by undefined

Emily reviewed the vowBROW Pencil in Light color by ROEN in a video. She started by brushing her brows and then applied the product using the spoolie and pencil sides. She found the shade to be a good match for her brows and liked how natural and nice it looked. Emily also mentioned that it complemented her red lips well. Overall, she had a positive experience with the product, highlighting its ability to create a natural look. However, the review did not mention any potential drawbacks or issues with the product.

Video review of  by undefined

Emily received the ROEN vowBROW Pencil in Light shade as part of her Flip kit. She mentions that finding a brow pencil that matches her red hair can be tricky, but she is hopeful about this one. The pencil is thin and dainty, with two sides - one for application and the other for brushing up the eyebrows. Emily plans to try it out and see how it looks. Overall, the ROEN vowBROW Pencil offers convenience with its dual-sided design, allowing for easy application and grooming. However, the review does not provide information on the actual performance or longevity of the product, making it difficult to assess its effectiveness.

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