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Gabrielle Gage - gabrigage
Gabrielle Gage
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LA based. Host of the “Period Hacks All Girls Need to Know!” and im Vegan!! 😍


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Tip Off - Makeup Removing Swabs 24ct by Alleyoop are convenient and effective for removing eye makeup, as demonstrated by Gabrielle in her video review. The swabs come in a cute Q-tip-like design with liquid makeup remover inside. By breaking the blue line, the liquid is released, making the swab wet and ready to use. Gabrielle found them perfect for removing under eye makeup and correcting mistakes. The product's key benefit is its precision and ease of use, allowing for targeted makeup removal. However, the review does not mention the quantity of swabs provided or any potential drawbacks. Overall, Tip Off - Makeup Removing Swabs offer a practical solution for quick and precise makeup removal.

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The Pro Make-Up Brush Set 11pcs by ZOE AYLA - VOID was reviewed by Gabrielle in a video review. She mentioned that she purchased the set because her personal makeup brushes were dirty and she needed new ones. However, she realized that this set is more suitable for professionals as she was unsure about the purpose of most of the brushes. Gabrielle admitted that she doesn't do her makeup often and would only use a few brushes from the set. She concluded that she would stick to using her fingers instead. Overall, the Pro Make-Up Brush Set 11pcs by ZOE AYLA - VOID may be beneficial for professionals but may not be suitable for casual makeup users.

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The Vegan Thin Line Eyeliner Brush by withSimplicity Beauty was reviewed by Gabrielle in a video. At first, Gabrielle was confused as she thought the brush had ink in it. However, she realized that it is just a regular brush. Since she doesn't own any makeup, she decided to use the brush to apply makeup from another product. The review does not mention the performance or effectiveness of the brush in creating a thin line eyeliner. Therefore, it is difficult to assess the product's benefits or drawbacks based on the provided information.

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