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Gabriela Pernia Russo - lagabychula
Gabriela Pernia Russo
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No hay mujer fea, sino mal arreglada. ✨Sprinkle Sprinkle.✨


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The Organic Makeup Setting Spray SPF 30 by COOLA was reviewed by Gabriela in a video review. She mentions that it can be difficult to reapply sunscreen when wearing makeup or in a rush, so a setting spray with SPF 30 is a convenient option. However, she notes that most of the product stays in the air, making it less efficient for sun protection. Gabriela also mentions that the spray may cause watery eyes for those with sensitivity. Overall, she considers it a good product, but acknowledges the potential conflict for sensitive eyes. The Organic Makeup Setting Spray SPF 30 by COOLA offers some sun protection, although it may not be as effective as traditional sunscreen application.

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Gabriela, from the YouTube channel Caja Caja Caja, reviews the Mochi Pop Blush in Aura color by KAJA. She mentions that the product has a lot of potential and shines like a highlighter blush. Gabriela demonstrates the blush on her left side, showing the difference it makes. She also highlights the compact size of the product, making it easy to carry in a purse. Gabriela finds the included mirror to be cute, although she notices that the protective paper is still on it. Overall, Gabriela thinks the blush looks gorgeous and is impressed by its shine and portability. However, she does not mention any potential drawbacks of the product.

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Gabriela shares her experience with the Brow Definer in Chocolate color by Mellow in her video review. She finds this product to be very practical, with one side featuring the color and the other side equipped with a brush. Gabriela demonstrates how she applies the brow definer by creating lines and blending them with the brush. She mentions that she learned this technique from TikTok and Instagram. Overall, Gabriela seems satisfied with the product, as she mentions that it helps her achieve the desired look. However, she acknowledges that she is not a professional and encourages viewers to bear with her. The Brow Definer in Chocolate color by Mellow appears to be a convenient tool for achieving well-defined eyebrows.

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