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Hadassah Archer - hadassahrosie
Hadassah Archer
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Video review of Bronzino Illuminating Cream Bronzer by Hadassah Archer
Verified Buyer

The Tower 28 Bronzino Illuminating Cream Bronzer in West coast is highly praised by reviewer Hadassah. She describes it as the best glowy bronzer, with a deep brown color that provides a beautiful bronzing effect. The bronzer also has a nice glow, giving the skin a refreshed appearance. Hadassah considers it a staple in her makeup collection and claims it is her favorite among the many bronzers she has tried. Overall, the Bronzino Illuminating Cream Bronzer by Tower 28 Beauty is recommended for those seeking a bronzer that not only adds warmth to the skin but also provides a radiant glow.

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Hadassah was instantly drawn to the Matcha Vanilla Choco Body Scrub by Butter & Me. Being a fan of matcha, she couldn't resist the opportunity to smell like her favorite flavor. The scrub's adorable chocolate bar design even fooled her son into thinking it was a sweet treat. The reusable box adds a practical touch to the product. After using the body scrub, Hadassah's skin felt incredibly smooth and had a delightful matcha chocolate scent. If you're looking to indulge in the aroma of a chocolate candy bar, this scrub is a must-have. Overall, Hadassah's experience with the Matcha Vanilla Choco Body Scrub was positive, leaving her with silky skin and a delicious fragrance.

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Verified Buyer

Hadassah, a reviewer, shared her experience with the Killer Nails - 30CT by HUM Nutrition in her video review. She mentioned that she takes her vitamins at night and prefers this hair and nail supplement. Hadassah highlighted that the Killer Nails supplement supports longer and stronger hair and nails. She mentioned that she takes one capsule along with her other vitamins. According to her, this supplement is great for achieving beautiful hair and nails. Overall, Hadassah's review suggests that the Killer Nails - 30CT by HUM Nutrition is effective in promoting hair and nail growth. However, it is important to note that this review is based on Hadassah's personal experience and results may vary for individuals.

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