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Jamie Greenberg - jamiemakeup
Jamie Greenberg
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πŸ’„ Celebrity Makeup Artist @thewallgroup πŸ’˜ Wifey/Mom of πŸ‘§πŸ»πŸ‘¦πŸ»πŸ‘ΌπŸ» 🌞 Blighlighter creator


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Review by Jamie Greenberg

Wing Eyeliner Pen & Stamp -2 pcs

The Wing Eyeliner Pen & Stamp -2 pcs by KAJA, also known as the Wink Stamp, is a highly anticipated cosmetic product. According to Jamie's video review, the stamp feature allows for easy application along the outer edge of the eye, creating a flawless winged eyeliner look. The accompanying wing eyeliner pen provides the opportunity for any necessary touch-ups or cleanup. Jamie expresses excitement and praises the product, stating "she better work." Overall, the Wing Eyeliner Pen & Stamp -2 pcs by KAJA seems to be a promising tool for achieving a professional-looking winged eyeliner, offering convenience and precision. However, without further information, it is difficult to assess any potential drawbacks or limitations of the product.

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Review by Jamie Greenberg

10 Second Liquid Eyeshadow 6ml - Copper

The 10 Second Liquid Eyeshadow 6ml - Copper by Kosas is highly praised by Jamie in their video review. They mention that the eyeshadow is easy to use, requiring a quick shake before application. Jamie demonstrates swiping the product onto the eyelids, noting that it dries in less than 10 seconds. They also mention the option to blend it into the crease for a more defined look. Jamie emphasizes that the eyeshadow looks natural, is good for the user's skin, and stays in place throughout the day. Overall, Jamie highly recommends the product, highlighting its ease of use and beautiful results.

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Review by Jamie Greenberg

Silky BB Cream - Fair 30ml

Jamie, a reviewer, raves about the Silky BB Cream - Fair 30ml by Bio Beaute by NUXE in their video review. They express their love for the brand, mentioning their obsession with NUXE's lip balm in the past. Jamie describes the BB cream as a tinted moisturizer that provides a simple skincare meets makeup solution. They highlight its moisturizing properties and its ability to blur blemishes. Jamie also mentions that they often receive requests for a lightweight coverage from a tinted moisturizer or BB cream, and they highly recommend this product. Overall, the Silky BB Cream - Fair 30ml by Bio Beaute by NUXE receives a positive assessment for its skincare benefits and lightweight coverage.

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