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Wlehglowdieh Burnett - jillie37
Wlehglowdieh Burnett
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Hey yall! I'm skincare fanatic looking for great products! I'm based in Maryland and love cooking and trying new things.


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The Hot Fluff Matte Multistick in Gingerbread color by Jason Wu Beauty was reviewed by Wlehglowdieh in a video. They initially found the product underwhelming as a lipstick but decided to try it on their cheeks. They were pleasantly surprised by the pretty color and felt that it worked better as a blush. However, they still didn't like it as a lipstick. Overall, the reviewer found the product cute and recommended using it as a blush rather than a lipstick. While the video review didn't mention any drawbacks, it's important to note that individual preferences may vary.

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Wlehglowdieh reviewed the Hot Fluff Matte Multistick in Gingerbread color by Jason Wu Beauty. In the video, they mentioned trying the product again and being more impressed with its performance as a cheek color rather than a lipstick. They found the Gingerbread shade to be pretty and preferred using it as blush. However, they weren't crazy about it as a lip product. Overall, Wlehglowdieh found the multistick to be cute and liked its effect on the cheeks. The review suggests that the product may have its benefits as a blush, but potential drawbacks when used as a lipstick.

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Wlehglowdieh tried the KAJA Mochi Pop Blush in the color Atmosphere No. 2 and was initially excited about its shimmery appearance online. However, upon application, the blush did not appear as vibrant or shimmery as expected. Wlehglowdieh mentioned that using a brush instead of their finger might yield better results in terms of color payoff. While they found the blush cute, it may not be dark or vibrant enough for their personal preference. Overall, the review suggests that the Mochi Pop Blush in Atmosphere color by KAJA may not live up to its online appearance in terms of shimmer and vibrancy, but further experimentation with application methods could potentially improve the results.

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