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Daniella Martinez - Danimar
Daniella Martinez
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Daniella and her mom are excited about their new Flip box and Daniella wants to show off her toys. However, she quickly moves on to the review of the Mircofiber Velvet Sponge by JUNO & Co. While the video is a bit chaotic, it is clear that Daniella is enthusiastic about the product. She mentions that she and her mom will be doing reviews and that she is joining someone named Lian's videos. Overall, the review does not provide much information about the product itself, its benefits, or potential drawbacks. It is difficult to assess the quality of the Mircofiber Velvet Sponge based on this review alone.

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The RMS Beauty Un Cover Up Concealer in the shade 22.5 was highly praised by Daniella in their video review. They mentioned that a little goes a long way with this product and loved the brush that comes with it. Daniella applied it all over their face, using just enough to achieve a natural and alive look. They were impressed with how lightweight it felt and how it provided a natural finish. Overall, Daniella highly recommended the Un Cover Up Concealer, emphasizing its ability to provide a natural look and its ease of application. No potential drawbacks were mentioned in the review.

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Daniella reviewed the Lip2Cheek - Lost Angel in Lost angel color by RMS Beauty in a video. She mentioned that she liked the product and found it to be very subtle. The packaging is simple, similar to other RMS products. The color she used was Lost Angel, and she applied it by rubbing it in with her finger. She mentioned that it looked really pretty and gave a subtle effect. Overall, Daniella recommended checking out this product.

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