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Kayla Jade - Kaylasbeautydrawer
Kayla Jade
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Just a 23 y/o Beauty Addict Who Loves To Try New Products!


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Kayla recently purchased the Babe Lash Separator and has found it to be a great tool for untangling and separating eyelashes after applying mascara. The comb helps to break up any clumps and make the lashes look more natural and fluffy. Kayla recommends not using the comb right after applying mascara, as it will stick to the wet lashes and make them even more clumpy. When used when the mascara is halfway or all the way dry, the Babe Lash Separator can be a lifesaver.

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Kayla reviewed the Extra Pout Lip Gloss Plumper in Juicy color by Jason Wu Beauty. She mentioned that the lip gloss has a silky and hydrating feel, similar to a lip oil. However, after letting it sit for 10 minutes, she found that it didn't provide as much plumping effect as she had hoped for. Despite this, she still liked the product because of its non-glossy and non-sticky consistency. Overall, the Extra Pout Lip Gloss Plumper in Juicy color offers hydration and a pleasant texture, but may not deliver significant plumping results.

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The High Pigment Lip Gloss in the Bond color by Jouer is highly praised by reviewer Kayla in their video review. Kayla mentions a hack where the lip gloss can be used to create a lip tint without the glossy finish. The gloss is described as super pigmented and has a delightful cupcake scent. It applies smoothly and leaves a long-lasting tint on the lips even after being removed with a gentle dabbing motion. Kayla considers it her new go-to product, highlighting its beautiful appearance without the gloss or any uncomfortable feeling. Overall, the High Pigment Lip Gloss in Bond color by Jouer seems to be a highly pigmented and versatile lip product with the added benefit of a long-lasting tint.

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