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Kennedy Dewell
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Review by Kennedy

Brow Wig Eyebrow Gel

Kennedy's first impression of Too Faced's Brow Wig Eyebrow Gel in the shade natural blonde was positive. As a natural blonde with light eyebrows, Kennedy prefers a more subtle and filled-in look for her brows. She was pleasantly surprised by the product, finding that it achieved the desired effect without making her brows look too dark. Kennedy emphasized the importance of well-shaped brows in framing the face and expressed her satisfaction with the results. Overall, Kennedy was impressed with the Brow Wig Eyebrow Gel and its ability to enhance her brows without overpowering her natural features.

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Review by Kennedy

Lip Injection Maximum Plump Lip Plumper

The reviewer, Kennedy, tried Too Faced's Lip Injection Maximum Plump Lip Plumper in a video review. They applied the product to one side of their lips and observed the results over time. After a few minutes, Kennedy noticed a slight difference in the plumpness of their lips, with a raised appearance. However, after a significant amount of time, the change was not significant. Kennedy expressed the desire for real lip injections instead. Overall, the Lip Injection Maximum Plump Lip Plumper by Too Faced did provide some temporary plumpness, but it may not be enough for those seeking more dramatic results.

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Review by Kennedy

Mirco Settingfit Cushion EX SPF50 Ivory

Kennedy reviewed the Moonshot Mirco Settingfit Cushion EX SPF50 Ivory in Ivory color. They found the application process smooth and easy, with a nice finish on the skin. However, they mentioned that the shade was too light for their skin tone, but they were able to work with it. After a few hours, Kennedy noticed that the foundation became greasy, which they didn't like. They personally prefer a skin tint with concealer instead. Although they wouldn't repurchase it, they still recommend it, especially for beginners with foundation. Overall, the Moonshot Mirco Settingfit Cushion EX SPF50 Ivory provides a natural look but may not be suitable for those who prefer a matte finish.

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