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Lexington ✨🩷 - looksbylexington
Lexington ✨🩷
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Lexington recently tried out the KITSCH Satin Heatless Curling Set and was pleasantly surprised with the results. After securing damp hair with a clip, Lexington wrapped the hair around each side in one direction and secured it with a ponytail. After waiting about four hours for the hair to dry, Lexington brushed out the curls and was impressed with the look. Lexington recommends trying out the KITSCH Satin Heatless Curling Set and was pleased with the results.

Video review of Solid Lavender Sponge & Brush Cleanser by Lexington ✨🩷
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The SOLID LAVENDER Sponge & Brush Cleanser by Beautyblender receives high praise from reviewer Lexington in their video review. Lexington claims that this cleanser, priced at nine dollars on the Flip app, is the best they have ever used. They have tried multiple cleansers in the past but keep coming back to this one due to its effective formula. Lexington demonstrates the cleanser's ability to remove dirt and grime from beauty blenders, making them look brand new. They admit to not washing their sponges for three months but were still able to achieve impressive results. The reviewer also mentions the additional benefit of the cleanser being available at a discounted price when using Flip cash. Overall, the SOLID LAVENDER Sponge & Brush Cleanser by Beautyblender is highly recommended for its exceptional cleaning power and affordability.

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The Illamasqua Hydra Lip Tint in Picnic Plum is a smooth and creamy balm that transforms into a beautiful plum pink shade. Lexington found the concept of using it as a dewy blush intriguing and was pleased with the end result. The product feels great on the lips, providing a sheer wash of color, and has a delightful scent. Overall, the Hydra Lip Tint offers a unique color-changing experience and versatility as a lip tint and blush. While no drawbacks were mentioned, it is important to note that individual experiences may vary.

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