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Andrea Kasey - andrea_kayc
Andrea Kasey
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Love Yourself 🀍 connect w/ me on IG & Tiktok - andrea_kayc youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@andreakacy


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The I'm Prep! Balm - Oh-oh in Oh-oh color by I'M MEME is a Korean brand cosmetic product that impressed Andrea in her video review. She mentions that the balm goes a long way and she had already applied it on her cheeks and nose. Andrea finds the product to be pretty and affordable, recommending others to try it. She appreciates how it compliments her skin tone and gives a natural flush to the cheeks. Overall, the I'm Prep! Balm seems to be a great option for adding a touch of color to the face, with no significant drawbacks mentioned in the review.

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The I'm Prep! Balm - Oh-oh in Oh-oh color by I'M MEME is highly recommended by Andrea in their video review. Andrea mentions that a little bit of this product goes a long way, and they have been wearing it all the time for a flushed look. The reviewer emphasizes how pretty the balm looks on the skin. They are impressed by the product's effectiveness and find it difficult to put into words. Overall, Andrea highly recommends the I'm Prep! Balm - Oh-oh in Oh-oh color, highlighting its ability to provide a beautiful flush look. No potential drawbacks are mentioned in the review.

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