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Nayonni Clemente - hiitsnayy
Nayonni Clemente
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Video review of Natural Moisturizing Factors for Scalp by Nayonni Clemente
Nayonni Clemente
Nayonni Clemente
Verified Buyer

The reviewer, Nayonni, shares her experience with The Ordinary's Natural Moisturizing Factors for Scalp in her video review. She highlights that this leave-in serum is lightweight and designed to be used at nighttime. Nayonni mentions that the serum has no scent and doesn't cause any irritation, which is a positive aspect. She expresses excitement about the potential hair growth benefits of the product, especially since her hair has been growing slower recently. Nayonni plans to update her audience on her hair growth journey. Overall, based on Nayonni's initial experience, the Natural Moisturizing Factors for Scalp by The Ordinary seems promising, offering a scent-free and non-irritating formula that may promote hair growth.

Video review of Amrutini Luminosity Dewdrops by Nayonni Clemente
Nayonni Clemente
Nayonni Clemente
Verified Buyer

Nayonni, a skincare enthusiast, highly recommends the Amrutini Luminosity Dewdrops by Love, Indus. She describes it as "magic in a bottle" and insists that it is a must-have for anyone who cares about their skincare routine. According to Nayonni, this product surpasses even the best hyaluronic acid she has tried before. The Love Andeas Armachini Overnight Oasis is a plumping, hydrating, and illuminating serum that will leave your skin glowing. Nayonni's own radiant complexion, achieved without any additional highlighter, is a testament to the effectiveness of this product. She urges viewers to incorporate it into their skincare regimen for noticeable results. Overall, Nayonni's enthusiastic endorsement of the Amrutini Luminosity Dewdrops by Love, Indus suggests that it is a worthwhile investment for achieving a luminous and hydrated complexion.

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