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Rebecca Ta - RebeccaAnneMarie
Rebecca Ta
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Review by Rebecca

Lip Sleeping Mask - Berry

Rebecca has found the LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask - Berry to be a godsend for those with cracked or flaky lips. She recommends applying the product before bed and wiping it off in the morning for best results. Rebecca states that the results will surprise anyone who uses it.

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Review by Rebecca

Tip Off - Makeup Removing Swabs 24ct

Rebecca introduces viewers to the Tip Off - Makeup Removing Swabs 24ct by Alleyoop in her video review. She highlights its unique feature of being liquid-filled and having a blue stripe on the opposite end to release makeup remover. The swabs are designed to easily clean up any makeup mistakes, such as winged liner or lip gloss, making it a convenient one-stop solution for on-the-go or travel use. Overall, the product seems to offer a practical and efficient way to fix makeup errors. However, without mentioning the price, it is difficult to assess its value for money.

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Review by Rebecca

02 - "Everyday Round" Faux Lashes

The 02 - "Everyday Round" Faux Lashes by Lithe Lashes are highly praised by Rebecca in her video review. She mentions that these lashes enhance natural beauty and seamlessly fit into her daily makeup routine. The long and wispy design of this pair creates a delicate, elongated look, giving the illusion of larger, rounder eyes. One standout feature of Lithe Lashes is their reusable nature, thanks to the incredible packaging they come in. These lashes are particularly suitable for those with round eye shapes, as they provide length and classic volume. They can easily transition from a day-to-night look and can be paired with just a touch of eyeshadow for a full glam effect. Overall, the 02 - "Everyday Round" Faux Lashes by Lithe Lashes offer a convenient and versatile option for enhancing one's natural beauty.

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