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On-The-Glow BLUSH
On-The-Glow BLUSH
/pixi on the glow blush os juicy
/pixi on the glow blush os juicy
/pixi on the glow blush os juicy
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review of Pixi On-The-Glow BLUSH Juicy by brooklynkayemakeup
review of Pixi On-The-Glow BLUSH Juicy by daymaris_colmenares
review of Pixi On-The-Glow BLUSH Juicy by brooklynkayemakeup

On-The-Glow BLUSH #Pixi

Color: Juicy


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review of Pixi On-The-Glow BLUSH Juicy by brooklynkayemakeup

Review by Brooklyn

Pixi has expanded their On-The-Glow Blush range with the introduction of the Juicy shade. This vibrant tangerine-like orange color is perfect for those who want to add a pop of brightness to their cheeks. The blush has a sheer formula, allowing for buildable application and easy blending. Not only does it provide a beautiful sheen, but it also helps to prolong the wear of other blushes when used as a base. Brooklyn, the reviewer, is particularly excited about this shade as she loves orangey blushes. Overall, the On-The-Glow Blush in Juicy by Pixi offers a versatile and long-lasting option for those looking to enhance their natural radiance.

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  • Bright color
  • Sheer formula
  • Blends easily
  • Gives a pretty sheen
  • Makes blush last longer

Review by Brooklyn

On-The-Glow BLUSH

Brooklyn recently shared her thoughts on the On-The-Glow BLUSH in Juicy color by Pixi. She mentioned that although she had swatched it before, she had never actually applied it to her face until now. Brooklyn found that using a brush to apply the blush gave her the most control and ensured that it didn't disrupt any makeup underneath. She described the shade as pretty and sun-kissed, and mentioned that it looked best when applied before setting any powder. Overall, Brooklyn was impressed with the blush, highlighting its beautiful shade and the control it provided during application. She did not mention any drawbacks or negative aspects of the product. Based on Brooklyn's review, the On-The-Glow BLUSH in Juicy color by Pixi seems to be a great choice for achieving a pretty and sun-kissed look.

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Review by Jordyn

On-The-Glow BLUSH

The On-The-Glow BLUSH in Juicy color by Pixi is a must-have product, according to Jordyn's video review. She raves about its ease of use and portability, making it perfect for on-the-go touch-ups. With just a swipe on the cheeks, this blush blends effortlessly, eliminating the need for additional tools like brushes or beauty blenders. Not only does it give a sun-kissed, glowy look, but it also hydrates the skin, providing a dual benefit. Jordyn highly recommends this blush and suggests giving it a try if you haven't already. Overall, the On-The-Glow BLUSH in Juicy color by Pixi seems to be a versatile and effective product that enhances the skin's appearance while offering convenience.

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About Pixi

About Pixi

Created over 20 years ago and launched in our flagship boutique in Soho, London, Pixi has a loyal worldwide following thanks to its pure, awakening & skin-loving products that create a naturally radiant "just had a good night's sleep" look. Pixi's mission is the same now as it was on the first day the Pixi boutique opened: simply to bring out the natural beauty in everyone - to look like you, your best you.

Founded in: 1999
Origin: United States
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