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Dry Brush
Dry Brush
/esker dry brush os brown
/esker dry brush os brown
/esker dry brush os brown
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review of Esker Dry Brush  by predupre
review of Esker Dry Brush  by theskinmillennial
review of Esker Dry Brush  by julissas012008

Dry Brush #Esker

Color: Brown


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Reviews of Esker Dry Brush Brown

review of Esker Dry Brush  by predupre

Review by Cynthia

Let's talk about the Dry Brush by Esker. Cynthia explains that dry brushing is a great way to exfoliate dead skin cells and reveal radiant skin. By using a firm brush, you can effectively remove dry skin without causing discomfort. Cynthia emphasizes the importance of working towards the heart when dry brushing, starting from the ankles and moving up. The benefits of dry brushing include improved blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which can help reduce bloating and puffiness. Cynthia, who has sensitive skin, finds this brush to be perfect for her needs. Overall, the Dry Brush by Esker seems to be an effective tool for exfoliation and promoting healthy skin.

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  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps with lymphatic drainage
  • Removes dry skin effectively
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
About Esker

About Esker

Founder Story Esker was launched in 2018 by Shannon Davenport. After a decade of working in New York City as a trend forecaster, where she helped major corporate brands shape their identities based on her research across beauty, design, art, and consumer trends, she decided to launch Esker as a way to act on her own ideas and build the brand she wanted to see in the world. She knew she wanted to create a brand with integrity and honesty as its cornerstones, and to make clean, safe products that nourish the body and elevate the way we care for it. As she discovered the benefits of plant-based beauty and bodycare, she fell in love. She enrolled at the New York Institute of Aromatherapy where she received her certification in aromatherapy and became a NAHA Aromatherapy Advocate. She soon realized that the beauty industry didn’t seem to be taking the clean movement seriously, and that bodycare was consistently an afterthought. Around the same time, she became pregnant with her first child and became even more aware of her body and its need for a product that was safe to use while pregnant, filler-free, non-greasy, and--most importantly-- relied on the power of plants to nourish skin. Esker was born right around the same time as Shannon's little one, and she introduced the line with three custom-crafted body oil formulas aimed to celebrate the diversity and power of essential oils, and to function as a necessary step in any body care ritual. She pulled from a versatile range of plants to create a restorative, clarifying, and firming oil, each one carefully formulated with responsibly-sourced ingredients to nourish skin from head to toe. By leveraging high quality, natural essential oil formulations that are beneficial to the skin, Esker aims to transform simple body care routines into meditative rituals that heal, restore, and hydrate skin. Esker is carefully crafted in the US. Our family operated business was created in Los Angeles and the brand is now based in Austin. Esker Products Contain Everything You Need, And Nothing You Don’t. There’s lots of conflicting information that permeates the beauty industry. From deciphering between what’s clean and what isn’t and how products are made, it can be difficult at times to even understand what exactly goes into the products we purchase. Essential oils and botanical ingredients are no strangers to skepticism and even controversy within the skincare and bodycare worlds, but oftentimes essential oils are deemed only “bad” or “good”, and we miss the bigger picture of learning how to use the right oils in the right way. We are committed to clarifying the often murky information surrounding essential oils, and we believe the best way to educate on their benefits is through making products that are clean, filler-free, and effective. We believe in the simple power of plants and in the wisdom of the women who have relied on bodycare rituals for centuries. We want to share that with our community so that each of you can make informed decisions about how you care for your body. Esker is Committed to Transparency. Our credentials and product integrity are incredibly important to us and we want them to be important to you, too. We are committed to using products and processes that are never harmful to our bodies, to our planet, or to the people who help craft our products. All of Esker's formulas are: MADE WITH ORGANIC INGREDIENTS NATURAL PLANT-BASED PARABEN-FREE SULFATE-FREE LEAPING BUNNY CERTIFIED VEGAN CRUELTY-FREE Esker Believes in Taking Time to Take Care. We believe taking a moment to pause and care for the body is oftentimes the best thing we can do for it, that participating in an elevated bodycare ritual is not only good for the skin but good for the soul. Our mission is to create plant-based bodycare products that rely on the power and efficacy of natural botanical actives to restore and nourish skin, and to transform simple self-care routines into savored rituals.

Founded in: 2018
Origin: United States
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Female Founded iconFemale Founded
Made in the US iconMade in the US
Prestige iconPrestige
Bath & Body iconBath & Body
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