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/glamglow bubblesheet oxygenating mask os black
/glamglow bubblesheet oxygenating mask os black
/glamglow bubblesheet oxygenating mask os black
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Video review of GLAMGLOW BUBBLESHEET Oxygenating Mask  by looksbylexington
Video review of GLAMGLOW BUBBLESHEET Oxygenating Mask  by gfb8xqnxcs
Video review of GLAMGLOW BUBBLESHEET Oxygenating Mask  by patrickstarrr


Color: Black


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Video review of BUBBLESHEET Oxygenating Mask by Lexington ✨🩷
Verified Buyer

Lexington recently tried out the Bubble Sheet Mask by GLAMGLOW and had a super fun experience. This mask is not only Instagramable but also claims to invigorate, detoxify, and remove face makeup. Lexington was intrigued by the idea of it removing makeup even though they had clean skin. After a few minutes of application, bubbles started forming, which was a satisfying and enjoyable process. After leaving it on for three minutes, Lexington massaged in the remaining bubbles and wiped it off with a cloth. While they weren't sure if it had any significant impact on their skin, they found it to be a delightful and entertaining mask to use.

Video review of BUBBLESHEET Oxygenating Mask by Patrick Starrr
Verified Buyer

The Bubble Sheet Mask by GLAMGLOW is an intriguing skincare product that Patrick, a reviewer, tried out. In his video review, Patrick highlights the unique features of this mask, such as its bubbling effect and the inclusion of green tea and bamboo charcoal ingredients. He mentions that the mask provides a tingling 3D bubble experience, instantly invigorates the skin, detoxifies, and effectively removes makeup. Patrick is impressed by how the mask foams up and finds it particularly suitable for those with normal to dry skin. Overall, he considers it a cool and effective mask, although he is unsure about the specific benefits of the oxygen component. Patrick's positive experience with the Bubble Sheet Mask suggests that it is worth trying for anyone seeking a refreshing and detoxifying skincare treatment.

Video review of BUBBLESHEET Oxygenating Mask by Raquelle Lynnette
Verified Buyer

Raquelle shares her experience with the Bubble Sheet Mask by GLAMGLOW in her video review. She emphasizes that this is not her first time using the product, highlighting its effectiveness in deep cleansing the face and removing stubborn makeup. The mask immediately oxidizes and bubbles up upon application, providing a satisfying experience. After three minutes, Raquelle recommends massaging the remaining product into the skin for a thorough pore cleanse. The excess can be rinsed off with water, leaving the face feeling super clean. Overall, Raquelle's review suggests that the Bubble Sheet Mask by GLAMGLOW is a reliable option for achieving a refreshed and deeply cleansed complexion.



ABOUT THE BRAND: We believe every skin deserves the star treatment. We take a maximalist approach to skincare and engage and stimulate all the senses. More than just a pretty jar, our ingredients are chosen for efficacy, addressing real concerns with real results - fast. BRAND HISTORY: 2008 BG (BEFORE GLAM) THE IDEA: Before GLAMGLOW® was even GLAMGLOW®, there was just one magic mud. It was the instant skin-transformer used backstage in Hollywood to prep skin in the TV, Film and Music industries. This creation was inspired during a gathering of Hollywood backstage professionals when a celebrity friend of our co-founders Shannon and Glenn asked if anyone knew of a product that delivered real results for close-up-ready skin. Upon investigating, the short answer was that there was no simple solution, and our founders wasted no time in finding one! They found a small chemist to work with and challenged beauty-industry norms to develop a product that would truly transform the look of skin in just one use. This came to life when they carefully selected high-impact ingredients that would make a real difference on skin, real pieces of green tea leaf (Later to become part of our patented Teaoxi™) and volcanic pumice all suspended in clay delivered those big results. Word spread fast in Hollywood and backstage artists loved it, because there had never been a product specially created to give camera-ready skin in just 10-minutes. It was easy to use, and skin looked transformed. This was YOUTHMUD®. 2010 THE BIRTH OF GLAMGLOW Hollywood was buzzing about ‘The magic mud’ and soon major US retailers noticed. Shannon knew she was sitting on a Hollywood secret and wanted to share it with skin-lovers everywhere. YOUTHMUD® started hitting the shelves and GLAMGLOW® the brand was born. 2011 AG (AFTER GLAM) GLAMGLOW SAVES THE DAY WITH SUPERMUD Backstage makeup artists knew they could depend on GLAMGLOW® products for transformative results. A need arose from a top-rated TV talent competition. The young contestants had never worn stage makeup and been exposed to the heat of extreme stage lighting, which combined, were adding up to annoying breakouts. This time there was a need for a product that could instantly decongest pores and rescue problem skin and Shannon and Glenn rose to the challenge. They researched the best purifying, deep-cleansing ingredients and designed a power-packed formula suitable for acne-prone skin with a perfectly harmonious blend of 6 AHA/ BHA acids to deliver results for multiple skin problems. There was only one possible name for this mud that came to the rescue, SUPERMUD®.

Founded in: 2010
Origin: United States
Instagram Page
Female Founded iconFemale Founded
Made in the US iconMade in the US
Minority-Owned iconMinority-Owned
Prestige iconPrestige
Skincare iconSkincare

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