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review of HexClad 12" HexClad Hybrid Pan  by gdipalo
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Video Review of #HEXCLAD 12" HexClad Hybrid Pan by Gina

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Reviews of 12" HexClad Hybrid Pan

Review by Lamees

12" HexClad Hybrid Pan

Lamees, a chef, has been eyeing the 12" HexClad Hybrid Pan by HexClad ever since she saw Gordon Ramsay use it. This pan combines the best of stainless steel, cast iron, and non-stick convenience. Lamees couldn't be happier with the performance of this pan. It comes with a lifetime warranty and a care and use brochure. To prepare the pan, she gently washes it with warm water, dries it, and seasons it by heating it with a tablespoon of oil for up to 3 minutes. Lamees made folded scrambled eggs with cheese, her favorite way of cooking eggs, and was amazed by how they didn't stick at all. Overall, the 12" HexClad Hybrid Pan by HexClad is a marvelous addition to any kitchen.

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