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Flatter Me
Flatter Me
/hum nutrition flatter me os lime green
/hum nutrition flatter me os lime green
/hum nutrition flatter me os lime green
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review of HUM Nutrition Flatter Me  by hippiepippiereviews
review of HUM Nutrition Flatter Me  by mandanazarghami1
review of HUM Nutrition Flatter Me  by joynoebal

Flatter Me #HUM Nutrition

Color: Lime green


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Reviews of HUM Nutrition Flatter Me Lime green

review of HUM Nutrition Flatter Me  by ceylinkocagoz

Review by Ceylin

Ceylin recently tried HUM Nutrition's Flatter Me capsules and found them to be life-changing. The capsules contain 18 full-spectrum enzymes that help with digestion of proteins, fats, carbs, fibers, milk sugar, and more. Ceylin recommends taking one capsule before two main meals each day for maximum comfort and a flatter stomach. Ceylin is very pleased with the product and is happy to have found it.

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Review by Cecilia Serrano

Flatter Me

Cecilia recently ordered the HUM Nutrition Flatter Me capsules and is excited to try them out. The capsules are designed to support a flatter stomach and healthy digestion. Cecilia will keep everyone updated on how they feel after taking the capsules.

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Review by Shannon

Flatter Me

Shannon recently reviewed HUM Nutrition's Flatter Me supplement. This supplement is a herbal blend combined with a probiotic and digestive enzymes, designed to help break down fats, proteins, and sugars from lactose. After seeing an experiment on their website that showed the supplement breaking down oatmeal in real time, the reviewer decided to test it out for themselves. After testing it out, they found that the experiment actually worked and that the supplement is legit. They concluded that if you have stomach issues, this supplement is a complete game changer.

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Review by Sarah

Flatter Me

Sarah has been taking HUM Flatter Me supplements and has found them to be very helpful in aiding digestion and reducing bloating. The supplements are not a weight loss pill, but they have helped Sarah become more regular and have a flatter stomach. Sarah highly recommends the supplements and encourages others to try them out.

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About HUM Nutrition

About HUM Nutrition

Our co-founder Walter struggled with acne and tried everything... Finally, a nutritionist suggested a different approach: introducing specific nutrients into his diet and eliminating certain food groups. Over time, Walter’s skin cleared up for good, his energy levels improved and an idea was sparked: this approach could help other people, too! Since 2012, HUM pioneered beauty from within: clean, clinically proven nutrients formulated to address ultra-specific concerns in skin, hair, body and mood. Plus, free access to RD nutritionists–the same expertise that lead to Walter’s results. With personalized routines, expert nutrition advice and joyful bottles arriving straight to your doorstep every month — we reimagined every step of the vitamin experience.

Founded in: 2012
Origin: USA
Brand websiteInstagram Page
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