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HydroPeptide Lash Serum
HydroPeptide Lash Serum
/hydropeptide lash serum os blue
/hydropeptide lash serum os blue
/hydropeptide lash serum os blue
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Video review of HydroPeptide Lash Serum  by flowerandfoodie
Video review of HydroPeptide Lash Serum  by anniesnyder1974
Video review of HydroPeptide Lash Serum  by anniesnyder1974

Lash Serum HydroPeptide

Color: Blue


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Video review of Lash Serum by Bethany Wei
Verified Buyer

Bethany compared two lash serums, Lash Fridays and HydroPeptide. She applied HydroPeptide on her right eye and Lash Fridays on her left eye, including her bottom lashes. Unfortunately, HydroPeptide caused burning and leakage from the packaging. However, both serums performed equally in terms of lash growth. Bethany suggests opting for the cheaper alternative, Lash Fridays, due to its similar effectiveness. Despite its drawbacks, HydroPeptide may still be a viable option for those seeking lash growth.

Video review of Lash Serum by Sarah Czechowski
Verified Buyer

The Lash Serum by HydroPeptide is a game-changer for those looking to enhance their natural lashes. Sarah, a former fake lash enthusiast, decided to give her natural lashes some TLC by using this serum. Despite occasionally forgetting to apply it every night, Sarah noticed a significant difference in the length of her lashes. She believes that any lash serum of good quality is worth using, as long as it doesn't cause irritation. While Sarah admits to loving a full set of lashes, she highly recommends this serum for those seeking a more natural lash look. With HydroPeptide's Lash Serum, you can give your lashes a break and let them grow naturally.

About HydroPeptide

About HydroPeptide

With over 15 years of experience in professional skincare, HydroPeptide has always been at the forefront of industry-leading technology. We partner with world-class scientists, chemists, and dermatologists to create clinically proven, award-winning formulas. Our brand is trusted globally by professionals and individual consumers for powerful results with no downtime.

Founded in: 2004
Origin: United States
Brand websiteInstagram Page
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