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KITSCH Eco-Friendly Spa Headband
KITSCH Eco-Friendly Spa Headband
/kitsch eco friendly spa headband os ivory
/kitsch eco friendly spa headband os ivory
/kitsch eco friendly spa headband os ivory
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Video review of KITSCH Eco-Friendly Spa Headband  by kaylasbeautydrawer
Video review of KITSCH Eco-Friendly Spa Headband  by aussiedomxo
Video review of KITSCH Eco-Friendly Spa Headband  by fashionablyimperfect

Eco-Friendly Spa Headband #KITSCH

Color: Ivory


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Video review of Eco-Friendly Spa Headband by Kayla Jade
Verified Buyer

Kayla emphasizes that this headband is different from others on the market because of its practicality. It solves the problem of hair getting in the way and getting wet during skincare routines. With the Spa Headband by KITSCH, you can now focus on your skincare without worrying about your hair.

Video review of Eco-Friendly Spa Headband by Caroline Liu
Verified Buyer

The Kitsch Eco-Friendly Spa Headband is a must-have accessory for anyone looking to keep their hair out of their face during a spa session. Caroline, the reviewer, highlights the convenience of the ponytail loop, which allows for easy hair management. By simply pulling the hair back and securing it through the loop, the headband stays in place. The Velcro closure ensures a snug fit, keeping the hair up and out of the way. Caroline also mentions the comfort of the headband, making it suitable for extended use. Overall, the Kitsch Eco-Friendly Spa Headband is a practical and comfortable solution for those seeking a hassle-free spa experience.

Video review of Eco-Friendly Spa Headband by Valerie 💕
Verified Buyer

Overall, the Eco-Friendly Spa Headband by KITSCH seems to be a reliable and effective solution for keeping hairlines intact during beauty routines. Its eco-friendly nature adds to its appeal, making it a conscious choice for those who prioritize sustainability. The only potential drawback mentioned was the limited usability for individuals with thicker hair. Nevertheless, for those with average hair thickness, this headband proves to be a valuable addition to their beauty arsenal.



Built on positivity and a “feel-good” purchase mentality, Cassandra Thurswell created KITSCH in 2010. KITSCH is an accessory powerhouse offering unique and quality products across beauty, fashion, home goods and more. Originally a destination for affordable and on- trend hair accessories and jewelry KITSCH is a self-financed, female-owned company that has evolved into a global lifestyle brand.

Founded in: 2010
Origin: United States
Brand websiteInstagram Page
Female Founded iconFemale Founded
Minority-Owned iconMinority-Owned
Prestige iconPrestige
Hair Care iconHair Care
Sustainable iconSustainable

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