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KITSCH Satin Sleep Bonnet
KITSCH Satin Sleep Bonnet
/kitsch satin sleep bonnet os black
/kitsch satin sleep bonnet os black
/kitsch satin sleep bonnet os black
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Video review of KITSCH Satin Sleep Bonnet  by bethanywei
Video review of KITSCH Satin Sleep Bonnet  by lexisneu
Video review of KITSCH Satin Sleep Bonnet  by everythingmiahsims

Satin Sleep Bonnet KITSCH

Color: Black


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Customer Reviews

Video review of Satin Sleep Bonnet by Kaitlyn Peterson
Kaitlyn Peterson
Kaitlyn Peterson
Verified Buyer

In summary, the Satin Sleep Bonnet by KITSCH, as discussed by Kaitlyn, offers a secure and comfortable option for those with braided hair. While it may not be suitable for individuals with a lot of hair, it provides the benefits of reducing breakage and locking in moisture when used with hair masks. Kaitlyn's positive experience and intention to wear the bonnet to bed suggest that it is a reliable choice for those seeking hair protection during sleep.

Video review of Satin Sleep Bonnet by Bethany Wei
Verified Buyer

Bethany reviewed the Satin Sleep Bonnet by KITSCH and shared her thoughts in a video. She mentioned that the bonnet feels super luxurious and does a decent job of preserving her hairstyle for the next day. Although she personally isn't accustomed to wearing sleep bonnets, she found this one to be quite comfortable. Bethany appreciated the two straps at the back that allow for secure tying. Overall, she thinks the bonnet is super cute and plans to use it more for securing her wigs rather than for sleeping. This review highlights the bonnet's luxurious feel, comfort, and versatility for different hair needs.

Video review of Satin Sleep Bonnet by Candace
Verified Buyer

Today, Candace shares her experience with the Satin Sleep Bonnet by KITSCH. After a night of rest, she takes down her hair and reveals the benefits of using this product. The satin material of the bonnet helps to protect her hair while she sleeps, preventing frizz and breakage. Candace appreciates the comfortable fit and the bonnet's ability to stay in place throughout the night. She highlights the convenience of this bonnet for those with busy lifestyles, as it allows for easy styling in the morning. Overall, Candace's review suggests that the Satin Sleep Bonnet by KITSCH is a reliable and effective solution for maintaining healthy hair while sleeping.

Video review of Satin Sleep Bonnet by Lexis Frost
Verified Buyer

The Satin Sleep Bonnet by KITSCH has been a game-changer for Lexis. They have been searching for a product like this for a long time and have finally found it. Unlike similar products, this bonnet not only helps with breakage and hair thinning but also stays soft and in place throughout the night. Lexis even noticed that it extends the life of their blowout. Overall, Lexis is absolutely in love with this bonnet. With its ability to address multiple hair concerns and provide long-lasting results, the Satin Sleep Bonnet by KITSCH is a must-have for anyone looking to protect and maintain their hair while they sleep.



Built on positivity and a “feel-good” purchase mentality, Cassandra Thurswell created KITSCH in 2010. KITSCH is an accessory powerhouse offering unique and quality products across beauty, fashion, home goods and more. Originally a destination for affordable and on- trend hair accessories and jewelry KITSCH is a self-financed, female-owned company that has evolved into a global lifestyle brand.

Founded in: 2010
Origin: United States
Brand websiteInstagram Page
Female Founded iconFemale Founded
Minority-Owned iconMinority-Owned
Prestige iconPrestige
Hair Care iconHair Care
Sustainable iconSustainable

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