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Superhue Brightening Eye Cream
Superhue Brightening Eye Cream
/live tinted superhue brightening eye cream os white
/live tinted superhue brightening eye cream os white
/live tinted superhue brightening eye cream os white
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review of Live Tinted Superhue Brightening Eye Cream  by flawlessbyalondra
review of Live Tinted Superhue Brightening Eye Cream  by flawlessbyalondra
review of Live Tinted Superhue Brightening Eye Cream  by 6544512d7658b9cb069d342d

Superhue Brightening Eye Cream #Live Tinted

Color: White


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review of Live Tinted Superhue Brightening Eye Cream  by 62322cbdc56ea300138af76b

Review by Live

The Superhue Brightening Eye Cream by Live Tinted is a game-changer when it comes to brightening dark circles and rejuvenating the under-eye area. Packed with powerful ingredients like niacinamide, caffeine, and vitamin C, this eye cream effectively targets hyperpigmentation. The cooling effect of the cream adds a refreshing touch to the application process. To enhance the results, Live recommends using the Raze Under Eye Mask, which not only seals in the nourishing ingredients but also soothes the delicate eye area. This hack is a simple yet effective way to achieve a brighter and more youthful appearance. Give it a try and experience the transformation for yourself!

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  • Full of hyperpigmentation targeting actives
  • Cooling effect
  • Seals in nourishing ingredients
  • Soothes the eye area

Review by Missy

Superhue Brightening Eye Cream

Missy recently reviewed the Superhue Brightening Eye Cream by Live Tinted and had some positive things to say about it. She mentioned that she loves the brand and was particularly impressed with the cooling tip and the beautiful gold packaging. According to Missy, the eye cream has a light consistency that doesn't conceal dark circles but instead provides a luminous glow to the under-eye area. She even suggested applying it above the eyes for an extra touch. Missy also mentioned that the cooling tip feels refreshing on the skin. Overall, she seemed to be enjoying the product and recommended giving it a try.

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Review by Alondra

Superhue Brightening Eye Cream

Alondra, in her video review of the Superhue Brightening Eye Cream by Live Tinted, highlights several key points about the product. She starts by praising the simple and user-friendly packaging. According to her, the consistency of the eye cream feels delightful when applied underneath the eyes. She suggests using it as a primer before applying concealer or corrector, or even as a daily routine to achieve a more brightened and awakened look. Alondra highly recommends adding this eye cream to one's collection, especially if they don't already have a similar product. Overall, her review emphasizes the ease of application, the pleasant texture, and the brightening effect of the Superhue Brightening Eye Cream.

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About Live Tinted

About Live Tinted

OUR VALUES CULTURED Culture drives our conversations, product development, and our brand mission. We are creating a community that is proud of its roots, and we want you to be proud as well. INCLUSIVE Before all else, we want to harbor a community that feels like its been made for all of us. Here, no one is “too” anything, rather you are just enough. KIND Beauty should make you feel good, and so should this community. Kindness for us is consideration towards others - and we are always thinking of you. THOUGHTFUL Our community serves as a learning platform. We are here to listen, to learn from the community’s cultural beauty stories.

Founded in: 2017
Origin: United States
Brand websiteInstagram Page
Female Founded iconFemale Founded
Made in the US iconMade in the US
Prestige iconPrestige
Makeup iconMakeup

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