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Mouthwash Strong Mint
Mouthwash Strong Mint
/marvis mouthwash strong mint os green
/marvis mouthwash strong mint os green
/marvis mouthwash strong mint os green
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review of Marvis Mouthwash Strong Mint  by trulymonse
review of Marvis Mouthwash Strong Mint  by xuer1011
review of Marvis Mouthwash Strong Mint  by mmray12

Mouthwash Strong Mint #Marvis

Color: Green


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review of Marvis Mouthwash Strong Mint  by trulymonse

Review by Monserrat

Monserrat is absolutely loving the fancy packaging of the Mouthwash Strong Mint by Marvis. She emphasizes that it is a concentrate, so it needs to be mixed with water before use. Despite being a concentrate, Monserrat mentions that a little goes a long way, as she has been using it for days and has barely made a dent in the bottle. The mouthwash provides a strong minty tingling sensation, leaving the mouth feeling super fresh. Monserrat is clearly excited about this mouthwash and highly recommends it. Overall, the Mouthwash Strong Mint by Marvis seems to be a great product, offering a refreshing and effective oral care experience.

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  • Concentrated formula
  • Long-lasting
  • Alcohol-free
  • Leaves mouth fresh
  • Easy to mix

Review by Blair

Mouthwash Strong Mint

Hey guys, Blair here with a review of the Mouthwash Strong Mint by Marvis. This luxurious mouthwash from Marvis is a game-changer. The strong mint scent is refreshing without being overpowering, unlike some other products on the market. It doesn't leave a burning sensation and is gentle on the mouth, making it perfect for those with sensitive teeth. The 4.1 fluid ounce bottle is a decent size, ensuring you'll have enough to last. Overall, Blair highly recommends this mouthwash for its luxurious feel and gentle yet effective formula. Give it a try and experience the difference for yourself!

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About Marvis

About Marvis

Contemporary toothpaste. Cheeky, iconic, original in one word: contemporary. Marvis surpasses the traditional concept of toothpaste. It is a world that is at once current, curious, open to new things: it transforms simple gestures of the everyday into a moment of pure pleasure. This was the premise for creating ironic and unusual, yet welcoming and attractive tastes, which captivate you in a whirlwind of sensations. Seven concoctions for a toothpaste that charms even with its texture, extremely compact and pleasant, and which offers perfect protection, an unmistakably fresh sensation and an unforgettable smile.

Founded in: 1958
Origin: Italy
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