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review of Maude Rise - 10 pk  by wellnesswithdelaney
Rise - 10 pk
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Video Review of #MAUDE Rise - 10 pk by Delaney

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What Delaney says about Rise - 10 pk White

Rise - 10 pk White by Delaney

Delaney discusses the potential harmful effects of hormonal birth control and suggests an alternative solution - the Rise - 10 pk by Maude. According to Delaney, symptoms such as cystic acne, bloating, weight fluctuation, low libido, bad PMS, cramps, and heavy periods can all be signs of hormonal distress caused by birth control. To avoid these issues, Delaney recommends trying the ultra-thin lubricated condom spy mod. These condoms are designed to feel like you're using nothing at all while also protecting against pregnancy. Delaney emphasizes that using these condoms will not harm your hormonal health.

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