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review of Misen Nonstick 6 QT Rondeau - Final Sale  by tesspanzer
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Video Review of #MISEN Nonstick 6 QT Rondeau - Final Sale by Tess

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What Tess says about Nonstick 6 QT Rondeau - Final Sale Platinum

Nonstick 6 QT Rondeau - Final Sale Platinum by Tess

The Misen Rondeau is a versatile and high-quality cookware that Tess highly recommends in her video review. With its wide surface area and shallow depth, it's perfect for making brunch staples like shakshuka. The pan's triple layer DuPont Platinum and ceramic coating ensure a nonstick cooking experience, making it easy to fry, braise, and make sauces. Tess praises the pan's great seal on the lid and its ability to hold a bunch of eggs for shakshuka. She emphasizes the pan's versatility and the impressive quality for its price point. Overall, Tess finds the Misen Rondeau fantastic and highly recommends it for its excellent performance in the kitchen.

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Reviews of Misen Nonstick 6 QT Rondeau - Final Sale Platinum

Review by Jenny

Nonstick 6 QT Rondeau - Final Sale

Our new Nonstick 6 QT Rondeau by Misen has arrived, and according to Jenny's video review, it's an enormous pan that promises great performance on both induction and gas stoves. The non-stick feature is a major plus, ensuring easy cooking and cleaning. However, Jenny does mention that its size makes it a two-handed pan, which might be a challenge for some users. Fortunately, the pan comes with an instruction card that includes a QR code for easy guidance. Overall, the Nonstick 6 QT Rondeau seems to be a promising addition to any kitchen, offering convenience and versatility for various cooking needs.

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