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review of Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo - Light Tones  by 62deca187cfb74001326eb84
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Video Review of #MOROCCANOIL Dry Shampoo - Light Tones by Anastasia

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What Anastasia says about Dry Shampoo - Light Tones Blue

Dry Shampoo - Light Tones Blue by Anastasia

Anastasia tried the Dry Shampoo - Light Tones by Moroccanoil, specifically designed for light-toned hair. Initially, she noticed that it left a bit too much white residue on her roots. However, she was impressed by the pleasant scent of the shampoo. Anastasia knew that after brushing it out, the white residue would disappear easily. Instead of using a brush, she opted to massage it with her fingers, and to her delight, all the white was gone. She decided to brush it a bit more, resulting in a natural and light finish. Anastasia also mentioned that the dry shampoo provided her with some extra volume. Overall, she seemed satisfied with the product, despite the initial issue with the white residue.

Reviews of Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo - Light Tones Blue

Review by Anna

Dry Shampoo - Light Tones

Anna provides a positive review of the Dry Shampoo - Light Tones by Moroccanoil in her video review. She appreciates the availability of different tones or colors, specifically choosing the lighter one to match her blonde hair. Anna mentions that she has been using the dry shampoo for five days without washing her hair and finds it effective in keeping her hair dry. She loves the smell and is a fan of Moroccanoil's hair care line. Anna recommends trying the smaller bottle before committing to a full-size one and plans to continue using the product. Overall, the Dry Shampoo - Light Tones by Moroccanoil receives a positive assessment from Anna, highlighting its effectiveness and the option to try a smaller size before purchasing a larger one.

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Review by Ashlie

Dry Shampoo - Light Tones

Ashlie, a reviewer, shares her thoughts on the Dry Shampoo - Light Tones by Moroccanoil. She mentions receiving it as a free gift and expresses her love for the amazing scent that Moroccan oil products are known for. Ashlie, who has used this dry shampoo before, confidently recommends it. She emphasizes its effectiveness and mentions that it comes in a full-size bottle. Ashlie concludes her review by suggesting that customers explore other products from Moroccanoil. Overall, her review highlights the pleasant fragrance, the product's ability to get the job done, and her personal satisfaction with it. Ashlie's positive experience with the Dry Shampoo - Light Tones by Moroccanoil makes it a compelling choice for those seeking a reliable dry shampoo option.

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