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Anastasia Lysenko - lysenkomommy
Anastasia Lysenko
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Review by Anastasia

Dry Shampoo - Light Tones

Anastasia tried the Dry Shampoo - Light Tones by Moroccanoil, specifically designed for light-toned hair. Initially, she noticed that it left a bit too much white residue on her roots. However, she was impressed by the pleasant scent of the shampoo. Anastasia knew that after brushing it out, the white residue would disappear easily. Instead of using a brush, she opted to massage it with her fingers, and to her delight, all the white was gone. She decided to brush it a bit more, resulting in a natural and light finish. Anastasia also mentioned that the dry shampoo provided her with some extra volume. Overall, she seemed satisfied with the product, despite the initial issue with the white residue.

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Review by Anastasia

FlashPatch Rejuvenating Eye Gels-30ct

Anastasia, in her video review, shares her morning routine using the FlashPatch Rejuvenating Eye Gels-30ct by Patchology. She praises the patches for their convenience and effectiveness, mentioning that she has already ordered a second pack. The quick and easy application allows her to see immediate results, making it the perfect combination for her busy schedule. Anastasia specifically highlights the moisturizing benefits of the eye patches, which help to reduce lines and keep her under-eye area hydrated, especially during the dry summer months. Overall, she is satisfied with the product and recommends it for anyone looking to improve their under-eye care routine.

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Review by Anastasia

Aqua Bomb Dive Into Hydration Set

Anastasia shares her skincare routine after showering, mentioning that her skin feels tight and dry. She has been using the Aqua Bomb Dive Into Hydration Set by belif for several years and it remains her favorite moisturizer. She praises its suitability for sensitive skin and highlights the cream's perfect fit. Anastasia also mentions trying all the products in the set and finding them amazing. She specifically mentions ordering the full sizes of the cream and tone. She applies the cream, allowing it to penetrate her skin for a few minutes, resulting in a beautiful and glowing complexion. Overall, Anastasia's review emphasizes the effectiveness of the Aqua Bomb Dive Into Hydration Set in providing hydration and improving the skin's appearance.

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