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Extra Volume Shampoo
Extra Volume Shampoo
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Video review of Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo  by theactualcarly
Video review of Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo  by nicolle002
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Extra Volume Shampoo #Moroccanoil

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Video review of Extra Volume Shampoo by Andrea
Verified Buyer

Andrea, a reviewer, recently tried out the EXTRA VOLUME SHAMPOO by Moroccanoil along with the conditioner. With fine, thin, and frizzy hair, she had been on the lookout for a volumizing shampoo that wouldn't weigh her hair down. According to Andrea, this shampoo exceeded her expectations. Unlike other products that left her hair feeling heavy and greasy, the Moroccanoil shampoo provided her with impressive volume. Even after three days without washing, her hair still maintained its volume without any greasiness. Andrea was so impressed that she plans to order two more bottles, despite her current ones still being full. Overall, she highly recommends this shampoo to anyone in search of added volume without the unwanted heaviness.

Video review of Extra Volume Shampoo by Caitlin Wilayto
Caitlin Wilayto
Caitlin Wilayto
Verified Buyer

Caitlin recently reviewed the EXTRA VOLUME SHAMPOO by Moroccanoil and had an exciting experience with it. She received a bunch of Moroccan oil products to review, and she started with the shampoo and conditioner. Caitlin was immediately impressed by the scent of the shampoo, describing it as incredibly good. She mentioned that her hair is thick, but despite the shampoo being labeled for fine to medium hair, it left her hair soft and tangle-free. She was pleasantly surprised that she didn't need a lot of conditioner, as she usually requires more. Overall, Caitlin gave the EXTRA VOLUME SHAMPOO a perfect 10 out of 10 rating and expressed her love for it. She mentioned that the real test would be when she styles her hair, which she plans to do in her next video using the remaining products. Based on Caitlin's positive experience, it seems that the EXTRA VOLUME SHAMPOO by Moroccanoil is a great choice for those looking to add volume to their hair without sacrificing softness and manageability.

Video review of  by undefined

Brittany recently shared her thoughts on the EXTRA VOLUME SHAMPOO by Moroccanoil in a video review. She mentioned that although she's not sure how to review a shampoo and conditioner, she found this product to be impressive. According to Brittany, the shampoo provides extra volume to her thin hair, which is a significant benefit. She also highlighted the amazing scent of the shampoo, which is characteristic of Moroccan Oil products. Additionally, Brittany appreciated that the shampoo is sulfate-free, as it is beneficial for hair health. Overall, she rated the product a nine out of ten, mentioning that the only reason she didn't give it a perfect score is because she didn't see a significant increase in volume, but acknowledged that her hair is naturally thin.

Video review of Extra Volume Shampoo by carly
Verified Buyer

The reviewer, carly, shares a personal story about her experience with the EXTRA VOLUME SHAMPOO by Moroccanoil. She recalls being envious of her friends who used this shampoo due to its pleasant scent and ability to make their hair soft. Unable to afford it at the time, carly received it as a gift from her grandmother and was thrilled with the results. Now as an adult, she continues to use the shampoo and finds that it still smells amazing and has made her hair noticeably softer after just two uses. carly highly recommends this product, giving it a perfect rating and urging others to try it for themselves. Overall, the EXTRA VOLUME SHAMPOO by Moroccanoil is praised for its pleasant scent, effectiveness in softening hair, and is deemed a worthwhile purchase.

Video review of Extra Volume Shampoo by Alannah
Verified Buyer

The reviewer, Alannah, shares her positive experience with the EXTRA VOLUME SHAMPOO by Moroccanoil in her video review. She mentions that she purchased many of her favorite hair products on Flip, including this shampoo. Alannah starts her haircare routine by using Olaplex Step Zero and Step Three before washing her hair. She then uses the Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo, which she highly recommends. Alannah blow dries her hair with a Dajio round brush, applying heat protectant and a volumizer that is not available on Flip yet. She rates Flip a perfect 10 and encourages viewers to try the mentioned products. Overall, Alannah's review highlights the effectiveness of the EXTRA VOLUME SHAMPOO in providing volume to her hair, and she praises Flip for offering a wide range of quality hair products.

Video review of Extra Volume Shampoo by Julia
Verified Buyer

Julia provides a comprehensive review of the EXTRA VOLUME SHAMPOO by Moroccanoil in her video. She mentions that she has thin, fine hair and finds that this shampoo adds both volume and texture to her hair. She appreciates that it allows her to easily style her hair while still maintaining a natural feel. Julia also highlights the versatility of this product, as it comes in three different sizes, allowing users to start with a smaller size and then upgrade if they love it. The inclusion of argan oil in the shampoo keeps the hair looking shiny and healthy. Overall, Julia recommends this shampoo for those with thin, fine hair who are looking to add volume.

Video review of  by undefined
Verified Buyer

Nicolle tried the EXTRA VOLUME SHAMPOO by Moroccanoil and was amazed by the results. She loved the heavenly scent and received numerous compliments on how good her hair smelled. Nicolle felt pampered and beautiful, with soft and healthy hair. She appreciated the variety of sizes available, allowing her to try before committing to a larger bottle. Nicolle was so impressed that she plans to repurchase the shampoo and conditioner in larger sizes. Overall, the EXTRA VOLUME SHAMPOO by Moroccanoil left Nicolle feeling confident and satisfied with her hair.

Video review of Extra Volume Shampoo by Sophia Rodriguez
Sophia Rodriguez
Sophia Rodriguez
Verified Buyer

Based on Sophia's feedback, it is evident that the EXTRA VOLUME SHAMPOO by Moroccanoil is a standout product. Its ability to provide volume and leave a pleasant fragrance makes it a desirable choice for those seeking to enhance their hair. Sophia's positive experience and recommendation further validate the shampoo's effectiveness.

About Moroccanoil

About Moroccanoil

Inspired by the Mediterranean, the Moroccanoil brand comes to life through our iconic turquoise packaging and signature fragrance, for an exotic experience that transports the senses. Our first product, the original Moroccanoil Treatment, pioneered oil-infused haircare and created the worldwide buzz on argan oil. At the heart of our brand is the stylist community that inspires us to create effective and easy-to-use products. And today, our goal remains unchanged: to continue pioneering innovation in beauty, while using our platform to make a difference.

Founded in: 2008
Origin: USA
Brand websiteInstagram Page
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