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Moroccanoil Perfect Defense
Moroccanoil Perfect Defense
/moroccanoil perfect defense os blue
/moroccanoil perfect defense os blue
/moroccanoil perfect defense os blue
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Video review of Moroccanoil Perfect Defense  by jillian_rhae
Video review of Moroccanoil Perfect Defense  by jillian_rhae
Video review of Moroccanoil Perfect Defense  by yessicaferreira1

Perfect Defense #Moroccanoil

Color: Blue


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Video review of Perfect Defense by Maura Parascondola
Verified Buyer

Maura is a big fan of PERFECT DEFENSE by Moroccanoil. She loves how it smells amazing and is not sticky. Unlike other heat defense sprays, this product doesn't leave her hair feeling crunchy. The scent of Moroccan oil is unique and unlike anything else in the world. Maura highly recommends giving this product a try. Overall, PERFECT DEFENSE by Moroccanoil is a fantastic heat defense spray that leaves your hair smelling great and feeling soft, without any stickiness or crunchiness.

Video review of  by undefined
Verified Buyer

Mar recently discovered the PERFECT DEFENSE by Moroccanoil, a heat protectant spray, and was impressed by its performance. They were initially drawn to the product because of its easy application and the fact that it can be sprayed all over damp hair. Mar was pleasantly surprised by the absence of smoke while blow drying their hair, which indicated that the spray was effectively protecting their hair from heat damage. The pleasant scent of the spray was also a bonus. Overall, Mar highly recommends the PERFECT DEFENSE by Moroccanoil and is considering purchasing the full-size version.

Video review of Perfect Defense by Jillian Rhae
Verified Buyer

The reviewer, Jillian, discusses the Moroccanoil Perfect Defense heat protectant in her video review. She highlights that this product is designed to protect hair from heat up to 450 degrees, which is the temperature commonly used for blow drying, straightening, and curling hair. Jillian emphasizes the importance of using a heat protectant to prevent damage, especially since some hair tools do not allow for heat control. She also mentions that the Moroccanoil spray can be used as a hair refresher between washes, leaving a pleasant scent. Overall, Jillian expresses her love for Moroccan Oil products and recommends adding the Perfect Defense to one's everyday hair care routine.

Video review of Perfect Defense by Anna Uriel
Verified Buyer

Anna recently reviewed the PERFECT DEFENSE by Moroccanoil, specifically their heat protectant spray. Having been a fan of Moroccan Oil for over 15 years, Anna loves the classic Moroccan scent that this product offers. As someone who frequently bleaches their hair, Anna appreciates the added protection this spray provides when using heat tools like blow dryers. Not only does it protect her hair, but Anna also noticed that it gives her hair a bit of volume. She attributes this to using the shampoo and conditioner from the same line as well. Anna mentions that her hair appears more voluminous and poofy when she puts it up in a bun after using these three products together. Overall, Anna highly recommends the PERFECT DEFENSE by Moroccanoil for its protective qualities and the added volume it provides.

About Moroccanoil

About Moroccanoil

Inspired by the Mediterranean, the Moroccanoil brand comes to life through our iconic turquoise packaging and signature fragrance, for an exotic experience that transports the senses. Our first product, the original Moroccanoil Treatment, pioneered oil-infused haircare and created the worldwide buzz on argan oil. At the heart of our brand is the stylist community that inspires us to create effective and easy-to-use products. And today, our goal remains unchanged: to continue pioneering innovation in beauty, while using our platform to make a difference.

Founded in: 2008
Origin: USA
Brand websiteInstagram Page
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